Sunday, January 07, 2007

Chiming In

going into the 2nd week of january & i can't believe the weather we're having. its been great. except for the rainy days thats made the ground a waterlogged sponge, god is smiling on us this year, all ready. could it be that i finally got through to him just how scared i am of driving all that way to work in the snow? i even hate the sound of the word. theres nothing that drives me crazier than the weatherpeople on tv when they get all giddy over snow coming. that makes me want to climb into the tv & beat the living shit right out of them. of course, they all have to live within walking distance of the newsroom cos if they had to actually drive in that shit they wouldn't be so happy about it. silly me chose to live in the country, miles away from everything cos i'm an animal lover. nature is great but mother nature is a bitch.
the kids just left & for the 2nd weekend in a row we had all 4. needless to say, i'm beat! hubby needs new nerves. his are frazzled.
but too cool, i've kept them busy doing crafts with the new box of art supplies hubby & i received for christmas. we always try to keep them busy doing some kind of craft. the 2 weeks before christmas i had them painting a wood carving of the nativity scene for mommy & daddy. the scene was on both sides so we did one side each weekend.
our new craft set is awesome! my youngest brother in law just became engaged to a school teacher & that was their gift to us. (stupid woman but thats a whole other post) have you ever gone on the web to find new craft ideas, though? damn, you have to go through like a million different things to find something suitable. i finally gave up looking for ideas for popsicle sticks & just used my imagination. i didn't want to build a fucking fort...
we all wound up building a triangle flower pot & making our own grass & flowers. jammer did an awesome job for as little as he is. he was very articulate in his evenness. that surprised me for as energetic as he is. i didn't think he'd really sit still long enough to finish his. snarky caught on quickest & finished hers first & snooky didn't seem to ever grasp the idea that the sticks had to actually touch. surprisingly ixxies was the sloppiest of them all. i figured since she had already been involved with this kind of thing in school she would do the best job & guide the little ones but snarky took over with instructions & everyone had a great time between her patience & my help here & there.
after we finished the flower pots, i had cut out butterfly figures & we all used glitter glue, crayons & markers to decorate them. its so cute the way their faces light up when they've accomplished making something like that. their eyes actually twinkle. i'm easily amused with my grandkids. can't you tell?

so, are you curious as to what else i've been up to? i've skipped another birthday. yaayyy, 30 for another whole year. sonny has now passed me up in the age thing. his will be 32 this february. ain't that neat the way things work out like that? i think i've lied so long nobody really knows how old i am. except nippers husband cos we grew up together & he is only 2 months younger than me. he'll never let me forget that.

oh, i stopped combing my hair. i was ok with losing the brown hairs cos i had a head full of them but i've realized that now i'm losing the gray ones & that can't be good. aren't those the ones that are supposed to be replacing the brown ones? i don't think i can afford to lose too many of them. if i don't comb my hair then i'm not encouraging that. reasonable?

and last but not least, i'm going on a diet. about the time i started going backwards in years i stopped dieting. biggest mistake of my life (well besides the other biggies). i look like a beach whale, wrapped in old lady tarp, in my christmas pictures & i can't handle that. so everyone keep after me to lose this double tire under my chin. ok?

well, i'm gonna go for now. i'll leave you with this picture to give you some idea.

nipper on the left, pj in the center & me, the whale.
later little taters.


Walker said...

You have to keep small ones busy if you want to survive, I know.
I have a closet full of toys i saved over the years even though the kids have grown up and are not home.
One day the grandkids can play with their mothers toys and ask them why the ken doll has a Barbie head LOL

MMMMMM three sexy chicks in pix

Walker said...

UPDATE: We got snow Merry Christmas LOL

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

AHH HAAAA! So you're the culprit! Did you send it my way?