Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dig In Or Dig Out

i'm so missing the blog nation. theres no real excuse for not posting except for the ones in my head. you know, all those voices going off at once. they just confuse me sometimes. a lot of whats going on is the funk i get in when it starts snowing. i hate the snow so bad i start worrying myself sick for days before the snow is actually expected. by the time it gets here i'm in the bed, under the comforter, thinking if i run one more scenario through my head my heart is gonna explode. i can actually feel my heart palpatating! harder & harder! i have to jump out of bed 2 or 3 times a night to make sure i can still see the streets. if i can't see the streets, oh my god, you'd think i was a crazy lady! its no wonder i've gone almost gray & bald this year. we've had almost no snow but the worry of it coming is just about to kill me. in the last few days we've had 7 inches but it started on the weekend so that day shouldn't even count. except for the drive to work on monday that wouldn't even happen until the salt trucks hit the streets. the news people don't help either cos they get so excited that 'you need to leave alittle early & drive slowly to avoid that accident waiting for you just around the next corner' is how they end the weather reports. assholes. if they only knew how freaked out i get over snow you'd think they'd back that shit down. not! they enjoy my suffering. they build it up, like a huge story. i honestly think they prey on people like me & depend on us to make their day brighter by our misery.
well, misery loves company, honey. they just better watch out. i'm thinking, collect all the snow i can & drop it on their house someday so they can't come out cos they think their snowed in. see how they like that shit.
k, gotta hit the sack. must attack another inch falling tonight.


Walker said...

I am not to crazy about snow either but its part of life. I remember when we used to get so much of it. As a kid it was over my head and it used to freak me out and i remember once i fell and disappeared in the snow 5 feet over my head and had to swim out and that was juist at school playing on the weekend.
As courior i used to play with my life when ever i went to work because of the idiots on the street that drive like its summer.
I can see where your anxiety comes from as I tremble to start the car, not because its cold but because its freezing rain.

Take care

Etoile Tyler said...

Darling, I'm afraid if you lived here you'd have had a heart attack by now. We've had snow every weekend for almost five weeks now. It is a real pain in the hiney, y'know? I have a Jeep and I've been having trouble getting about. It was 49 here yesterday and you'd have thought a tropical heat wave was moving in.

ML said...

I don't like snow either but I'm not particularly bothered by it - Whats to worry about?