Saturday, January 27, 2007

Knock Knock, Who's There?

i've been thinking back over the last 5 months and re-examining hubbys condition. i don't think he's ever gonna be better. not because its not possible but because he doesn't do anything to make himself better. he's been prescribed something called phenytoin to control his seizures. 3 pills to be taken at night before he goes to bed. he started telling me how he was having very vivid, colored dreams every night when he started taking the meds. i think this is what caused him to take the next step. the web is great but its got its drawbacks. this is one of them. i guess he's been reading up on it & found out its a derivitive of phenabarbitol. he doesn't take the pills every night. sometimes cos he was drinking, sometimes cos he just plain forgot. he has enough in his body that a day here & there of missing the pills won't make that big of a difference in the effect or control, if you will, of his condition. i started noticing he was stumbling around for no reason. at first i was worried & thought something new was going on with his condition & wanted him to go to the doctor. he insisted he was okay & told me not to worry but being the bitch i am i couldn't just let it go. so i started asking him what the hell was going on. this all finally became an argument, day after day, until after about a week of lieing to me telling me nothing was going on & still trying to walk across the floor with NO success he broke down & admitted to taking the pills just before i got home from work. after researching & finding out it was a hallucinagen he got this brilliant idea to take the fucking seizure medicine to get a buzz. turns out he's been doing this for awhile so the prescription that should have lasted him till he was due for a refill was gone a whole 2 weeks early. great! now, not only do i have an alcoholic not wanting to give up the booze but i'm gonna have a junkie hooked on barbituates to deal with. can this get any better?
i need a break on life. i have enough on my plate...its beginning to overflow. anyone wanna step in & help? i'll give you an email addy if you think you can get through to him . just let me know. i've hit a brick wall.


ML said...

No amount of emails is going to get through to him. As long as youre sitting there putting up with it he'll carry on twatting about. Sometimes you just have to draw a line and walk away. Personally based only on what I read your line was ages ago, so you know what you gotta do.