Friday, January 12, 2007

Flat Out Bummed

news flash.....the snow is coming. ugghhhh! i'm having transmission trouble on top of expecting snow. damn cars! damn snow! damn, damn! i don't know why we can't ride horses like they did in the good ole days. can't you just see me showing up to work in my leather chaps slinging my cowgirl hat, riding my big ole palomino horse? yahoo! thats the way god intended it. damn man with all his new fangled inventions!
so, with my car, its either my transmission or my torque converter. i'm not sure but i think the only way to tell is change one at a time & see what actually fixes the problem. i'm not a mechanic but when i was younger my step dad was. after his heart attack he still had people that came to him for work they needed on their cars. i learned alot by doing what he needed done while he supervised. hell, i can overhaul a whole motor but the only thing i ever had to do with a transmission was replace one.
in other news, we have a visiting roommate. my friend from wisconsin is visiting & needed a place to stay for awhile. he had a bad fall when he was on a construction job there & is now awaiting his workmans comp hearing. in the meantime he's just doing some roaming around. he has a brother that lives here too. that means he'll be in & out for the next 3 months. he brought some good news with him though. his brother may need some help soon & that means maybe hubby will go to work. he's already mentioned this to his brother & he says he can use the help on the next job. cross your fingers for me. maybe if hubby gets back into the swing of things he'll actually keep up the forward momentum.
we got jammer started on the pc this weekend. hubby pulled up a ping pong game he had saved & showed jammer how to play. man, that kid is excitable. he'd get so excited when he hit the ball, at first, that he'd forget to hit the next ball. after a few hours of playing he got out of that & it got to be about how many times he could make the game miss. he couldn't wait to show daddy how good he was & that he was a big guy playing on the computer.
i don't have a lot to say today. i just wanted to stop in & let you all know i was still around. i'll post more when i can think of something.


Walker said...

I like rideing horses but when it gets down to about -46 I would like the luxury of a heater LOL
But I bet you would look great in leather chaps "wink".
I wish your husband luck getting on the next job :)

Walker said...

So, wazzzzzz up?
Been awhile and when people don't post in awhile my imagination runs away with me and them paranoia sets in and I think maybe could be POSSIBLY.........they are a secret agent out on a mission.
Which also means I just blew your cover and have to be eliminated pfffffffft
See what happens when you don't post.
I get a contract put out on me.
Hope all is well. :)

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

Walker, If I tell you I would have to kill you. Thanks for worrying. It tells alot about you.