Sunday, May 20, 2007

Prim & Proper

we visited my inlaws this weekend & just for shits & grins, took the kids with us. afterall, they have to get ready to accept being grandparents. all weekend long i coached the kids on mr. & mrs. (insert papaws last name) to make sure they didn't get too familiar. thats what my mil said they should call her so i taught them just that. it really hurt my feelings when she said it but after awhile i hardened towards her over it. so, i thought this would teach her to think before she blurted out her nonsense. the high & mighty shall fall prey under my jammers excellent manners. muuwaahhhhaaaa. he has a tendency to melt your heart. 'hi, mrs. ___, my name is jammer spud pussell.' as he sticks his hand out to shake hands with her. he was so cute. such a big little man. she took his hand & shook it & they chatted about everything he could think of. i sat there like a cheshire cat with my chest all swelled with pride while i maintained the maniacal laughter that was building up inside of me. he was trying to be so grown-up & i was so impressed. he's definitely his daddys son. he's a charmer & i can already see having to have many big sticks around to beat the girls off with. later, hubby told me jammer explained to his brother that he had to call mum 'mrs. ___, because that was the proper etiquette'. see? too cute for words.
at one point i heard him say, 'did you know everyone has a brain?' 'even though some people don't use theirs?'
this kid is killing me.


Walker said...

H3 sounds like he has the gift fo the gab.
Very social little guy and bound to go places.
My niece is the same way at 3. She sits there and looks you right in the eyes and talks to you like hse know exactly what she is talking about.
Kids will amase you all the time if you let them.