Monday, May 07, 2007

School Of Hard Knocks

we've had 4 kids for the last 2 weekends & guess what? we get them all 4 again this weekend. seems mojo can't organize her weekends to get her oldest daughter around when the twins are supposed to be with us. instead she asks sonny to take them an extra weekend so she can have one on one time with her. pisses me off that nobody thinks enough of the other 4 kids to want one on one time with them. i guess thats why i don't complain. i feel sorry for the kids when parents are too wrapped up in their own woe is me life & never realize what they're missing out on. these kids are so intelligent, well, for the most part. i have to admit poor little snooky might be hell on a horse but she just doesn't seem to grasp some things very quickly. like numbers. she can count really well in a group but give her numbers & ask her to tell you what they are & put them in order & she has a hard time. she guesses alot. wrong. i think she'll be ok with some extra work & thats my next big project. ixxie has gotten to the point that she hoodwinks the other kids into thinking she knows everything but when put to the test she can't read for shit. honey keeps saying, 'she can read! she reads to me all the time.' i don't want to call her a liar but what ixxie does is recites. she's about to flunk the 1st grade & they wanted to hold her back in kindergarten. she's just had all those books for so long & had them read to her so many times that she has memorized alot of the stories. she remembers which part of the story is on which page by looking at the pictures. when i hand her a book she's never read or heard before she sits there like a lump on a log & stares at it. i have her take a pad & whatever word she can't read copy onto the pad. first word on the pad....once....2nd word....upon....3rd....time. but she can read cinderella, or sleeping beauty. they both start with once upon a time too. hows that? like i've mentioned before she can recite whole movies to you. her memory isn't her problem. she writes lots of letters & numbers backwards too even though she's looking right at it. i know they've diagnosed her as adhd but she's dyslexic, too. she needs to be diagnosed for that. honey refuses to accept any of this. which just means she'll never get better if nobody will recognize the problems. hubby & i try to work with all of them but its hard to concentrate on any one with 4 of them. last weekend i suggested we play teacher & let snarky be the teacher. i thought that might leave me to help snooky & ixxie a little extra. snarky's a hot little cookie. she knows her numbers & abc's. she can write them all & her name. everyone was ok with playing teacher snarky's schoolhouse except ixxie. she was afraid of being showed up so she showed her ass & refused to play with us. i was tempted to just let her sit out & watch the fun but i stopped it all cos i didn't want her to lose confidence. the more i thought about it though, the better the idea has been sounding to me. maybe it'll force her to learn if she thinks the twins are gonna outdo her. afterall, they are 2 years younger. jammer is doing good. he just turned 4 & has known most of his abc's for awhile. he skips h & i but does the rest great. he can count to 13 without hesitation. after that he gets a little fuzzy. also, he can write the first part of his name. i haven't really worked on the whole name yet. its a pretty long name for a little boy. as a matter of fact i still have the paper that he wrote his name on the first time i had him write it. its something i treasure dearly. just like the first lock of hair cut from his curls.
check this out. we went to the park this weekend. it was sunny & comfortable. a pretty nice day for playing at the park. after we were there for about an hour the sky starting getting dark & a quick cold rain started pouring down on us. it was i felt a drop, then a second & then the flood gate opened! the kids scrambled for the car with hubby & i trailing quickly behind them after gathering the chips & soda & all we had spread out on the table. before we reached the shelter here came jammer back to us carrying the umbrella. 'memaw i brought you the lumblella!' everyone under the shelter just cracked up. one lady said, 'awww, how sweet & thoughtful. thats so cute.' as we rode toward home hubby & snooky were chatting with each other. ixxie & snarky were into their own little conversation & jammer was just sitting in his car seat looking out the window when all of a sudden he broke into song. i'm varooooming down the road on my moootor cycle! i'm speeding round the curves through the raaaiiiinnn! at the top of his lungs. i thought i was gonna burst trying to maintain while i listened to his song. i'm miiissssing all the cars & aallll the dogs & all the biiirrdds flying around. my gloves are getting wet & so is my haaiiirrrr. but i've got the lumblella & i've got my cooooaaaatttt. i'll be alllriiiiight reaaalllll sooooonnnn. i'm cooommminng hooome to love the dog & looove the bird so they beettter beeee reeadddy fooor meeee! nobody in the car missed a beat of their own conversation. like they didn't hear any of this going on as loud as he could sing. at that point i couldn't help laughing out loud. it was just so hilarious. thats when everyone else hushed & starting listening to jammer who was still looking out the window. just singing away. when he finally realized the car was quiet we were almost home & he actually blushed when he looked over & said 'what? i'm just singing.' we finished the ride home with everyone taking turns singing their own song for memaw & papaw.
& we get to do it all again this weekend.


Walker said...

Maybe you get a new book and have her read infront of her mother for her to see the light.
She would make a great actress if she could remember her lines as she does the bpooks she has heard.

I can understand why she migjht want some one on one time with her daughgter once in awhile but that's once in awhile. There should be a time when all of them should be together if they are to know who they all are.

Sometimes people see what the want to see and the rest gets by them.

That was funny about him singing in the car and I could remember being caught on long drives staring out the window belting out some tune I thight I was singing in my head LOL

Have a nice weekend

Lindy said...

You have to be the most comprehensive person I've ever (almost) known in my life. Everything I talk about, you know instinctively what I'm describing. I'm so glad to know you. Thanks for sharing your insight.