Thursday, May 24, 2007


first, i need to give a big thanks to Mad Becca for letting me know comments had been turned off on my posts. i don't know how i did that but its fixed now. big thanks for that heads up.
second, poor y over at joy unexpected is having some really bad luck & i wish her much better days ahead.
third, blogger is the suckiest. ever wonder why i don't post more often? sometimes blogger just decides for me that its not time for me to post. it freezes & gives me so many errors that i just get frustrated & give up. one of the reasons i'm mentioning y's situation here is everytime i tried to comment on her site blooger decided it wanted to give me an error instead. piece of shit that it is.
in other best friend of grade school stopped by to see me this week! she buys a membership every year (to support my paycheck) & occasionally stops by to say 'hi'. i just love seeing her & visiting with her. we've seen each other through soooo much over the years. i've kept in touch with several of my school day friends but she's the oldest friend i have. she'd kill me for that statement...let me rephrase in the friend i've known the longest in my lifetime. i still can't believe i've known her since we were in the 1st grade. do you still keep in touch with anyone you went to school with? what is the earliest friend you made that you still have? she's one of the first memories i have of my baby years & the most exciting thing about knowing someone that long is she can refresh my memory on things i forgot, people i haven't thought of in years & she remembers things i did that i don't. kinda scary, huh? what can i say? i'm fried. blame it on the drugs i did in the days of my youth. just kidding, i've still got drugs to try. but they say smoking kills brain cells so lets just blame it on cigarettes & be done with the blame game. anyway, its always nice to chat with her & catch up on her life happenings.
oh btw...i also did something very stupid to help blogger along. i thought maybe if i changed my 230 gig slave drive to be my master i could post more often. not! not only did it turn out that blogger is against pc was conspiring with blogger to just stop me all together. i'll tell you all about it tomorrow. i just got my pc back together after the horrendous ordeal i have to tell you about.
thats about all i have right now. i'm ready for bed cos my eyelids are drooping. talk to you tomorrow cos i have exciting news about new treasures i've found.


Walker said...

I have had my share of headackes with blogger but I have tried to circumvent some problems like having both blogger and haloscan comments on at my blog at the same time.

It could also be your cashe or ram. I have now boosted my ram up to 2 gig and have fewer problems.

Hmmm I have some friends I have known since I was a kid probably because wqe still livein the same neighborhood but most have moved away.
It's always nice to catch up with people you don;t see that often.

Have a nice day