Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rhinestones & Rednecks

ok, i simply give up on writing in blogger. for some stupid reason since i added my second hard drive it never fail,. everytime i open blogger it freezes within minutes. i don't know what the problem is. i thought maybe it was getting too hot so i added a fan but that didn't fix it. now i just give up. i have every office application you can think of so the hell with blogger. i'll just write it up & then quicky copy & paste the damn thing in blogger. Hopefully, it will be patient enough to at least let me do that lightning fast like speedy gonzales. i swear i'll be quick. (sounds like something i've heard before.) besides i have to start writing ahead of myself so i don't have days that theres no post. sometimes i have 50 ideas swarming around in my head but by the time i actually get a chance to sit down & write they've all swarmed right on out. this way when i get an idea i can email it to myself & type it up while its still fresh.
i've decided theres another tool for us rednecks that i just love. you all know how i use the hell out of silver duct tape. my family dollar store sells super glue & crazy glue both for a buck a whack. man, that shit holds anything together. between duct tape & super glue i think i could build a house. i've glued all my ceramics together that has broken over the years with it but until lately i didn't fully appreciate it. my favorite sunglasses lost a nut off the nose piece. there was several other nuts so i took one off the earpiece & moved it to the nose piece. that made the earpiece less stable but i thought i could live with that. i couldn't. why not just buy another pair you ask? believe it or not i couldn't find another pair like them anywhere. i've been looking for a replacement pair for almost a year now. yes, i have other sunglasses but they just were not the cute little square framed with rhinestones that i loved. see i am a true redneck! from the tip of my light ash brown head with gray highlights clear down to my french polished toenails. redneck through & through. this particular pair of sunglasses has pink lenses & they do this amazing thing for my eyes. they kinda make my eyes look a really light purple. just really pretty, to me. anyway, back to the super glue. i dabbed a little tiny drop on the earpiece & viola', they are just perfect again. now, i have more time to search for that perfect pair while i still enjoy the ones that are so dear to my eyes. hey, don't knock it...i could've used the duct tape on them. ha!
ok, i've rambled on about nothing long enough. i've got some work to do that i brought home. i'll see ya on the flip side.


Walker said...

Hmmm, have you got enough ram?
Could be your cashe size to.
It shouldn;t make any difference that you added another hard drive though.

Ha, I have rolls of duct tape DUCT TAPE FOREVER!!!!!!!
An d I KNOW i have three or four bottes of superglue of one kind or the other.
I have superglued everything and my father........ lets not go there.

Have a nice day

Lindy said...

Thanks for the tips. I'll check out my cache for sure & I want to upgrade my ram so if thats the problem I'll have it solved soon. Oh, and hahahahahahaha, a true man with the love of the super glue & duct tape! Walker, are you a redneck, too?

ML said...

My Pc has suddenly started freezing and crashing (not just on blogger) so I took it apart and cleared a mug full of dust out of it. Hoping that'll sort it now. You could also download SPEEDFAN and monitor your CPU temperature. Usually if its a hardware fault (like RAM) you get beeps going on when it crashes.

FOr a second there I thought you were going to say you're going to stop writing altogether. Don't do that!

Lindy said...

Don't worry about that ML. If I have to I'll stay late at work & do it on my own time. I can't give up blogging. I'd go nuts without it.