Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Glass IS Half Full

i don't have alot going on these days. my step moms husband was in his 3rd wreck in 2 years. i'm not sure if its his eyes or his ears, both have been going for the last few years. he's had to get hearing aids & he wears glasses but obviously he needs more. the first 2 were just minor accidents & everyone walked away without a scratch. including very little damage done to the cars involved. this time, however, he pulled out in front of a lady doing at least the speed limit which was 50 in the area & really did a number on both vehicles. moms van is totalled & i believe the other ladies van is totalled too. the one good thing is the lady went to the hospital & was released immediately. she couldn't be too hurt but you know how that has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass. on the other hand, her husband was hospitalized with broken bones all over his body & bruised from his head to his toes. mom hasn't been a happy camper lately. she has been doing all the housework, all the yardwork as well as nursing him. lets face it we all know how big a baby a hurt man is. sorry guys, but if the shoe fits...anyway, i think she needs a vacation away from everything. she's on the verge of losing her mind.
i have a question. why is it when you marry someone everything changes? i mean a perfectly matched couple that agrees on everything gets married & overnight, it seems, someone decides to change.
i know i'm sick to death of being the only one making money. do you really think i enjoy working? does anyone out there believe that i hate the fact that someday i will have to retire? in a mere 14 years i will be a prime candidate for retirement. at least by age. of course, the truth is i'll have to work till i die. i'll never be able to prepare a nest egg for retirement. i live from pay check to pay check with no leftovers. how in the hell can i ever consider retiring? at 46 hubby's ready to just sit back & take a ride. albeit a cheap ride cos i don't make that much money but still a ride. do you know how much i would love to just quit work & enjoy getting old with my grandbabies? all the things i could get done if i stayed home all day, everyday? people talk about getting bored but i don't think that would be me. i could always find something to do. i love playing on the computer & for one thing if i had the time to just hang out i would start working on computers for people. theres killer money in that. i love flowers, i could open a greenhouse & sell plants that i started from seeds. i have a story i wrote for my grandkids. and lots of poems i've written over the years. i could write if i had the time. i even thought about being an interior designer when i was younger. i love to match drapes & rugs. i love redecorating houses. there are so many things i could find to do. i even love to cook. god, what i would give.
dreams....just dreams.


Walker said...

I don't think it's over night and I don't think they want you to change but I do beleive its us all changing all the time and at some stage we don't recognize the person we were or the ones we were with.

Do they want you to change to someone else or to the person who you were?

Life is funny.

I think he should reconcider driving if he is that bad off at least for the safety of others if he doesn't care about himself.
He has still been lucky so far and it's better to quit while he is a head.

Have a nice weekend

Rainex said...

One of my friend's
late father had two
false legs and he
used to drive a non-
adapted car like a demon.
It was horrible when
he used to slip off the
clutch like!
You are great as you
are Lindy.