Monday, June 04, 2007

Can They Help Me? For Sure!

wanna hear something sad? my poor jammer has poison ivy all over his little body. even sadder? how can a mother sit & fish, not watching her child, till he's totally rolling in poison ivy? how could a mother see said poison ivy in advance & still not keep her child away from the shit? my answer...piss poor mothering! of course, thats been my opinion from day one of meeting her when she suggested hubby & i take her little girl off her hands. i kept him doused in calomine lotion all weekend & he wasn't itching so bad when he left but my bet is she won't keep the lotion on him & when he gets back this weekend he'll still have it. any takers?
i wanted to tell you about the treasures i've recently found. for starters in my yard sale finds i've bought a brand new canon printer...with brand new ink cartridges...for? you're gonna shit yourself when you see this price, a big whopping $2.50 for all! i also found a scanner that i know works with my system cos i've had one before but the plug in finally worked itself into 2 pieces so i threw it out. this one came with the drivers & i should have it up & running by this weekend. and again, you're gonna shit...another $2.50. hahahaha, i feel like the cat that ate the canary. amazingly enough i also found something to exercise my big fat lazy ass on while i enjoy watching a movie. i've seen this advertised on tv for $100.00 while i was just sitting my fat ass around. the nordic fast track exercise unit. now i can giggle at the advertisement when it comes on cos i'll be walking on my own fast track that i only paid (drum roll please) another $2.50 for. seriously, i hit a yard sale at the right time. a truck had just pulled into the lot before me & began emptying its contents when the yard sale attendee started yelling 'everything is half off. we want to move as much of this stuff as possible. we don't want to pack it back up'. i started running around that yard sale like a mad woman putting little post-it notes on the things i wanted. hubbys head was spinning around like he was on a demonic, linda blair, i'm gonna spit some pea soup up real soon, frenzy. 'how are we gonna get all this stuff home in our little le baron car'? 'don't worry, people that want to get rid of stuff this bad are always willing to haul it for you, too'. i told him & sure enough i was right. a nice little guy in a ford pickup helped us load everything into his bed & ran it home for us. that was free of charge i might add. i don't think i've ever made out this good even when i jewed my way through sales of any sort. and it was all handed to me on a silver platter cos when i went to pay for it, the lady didn't have any change left so she knocked off an extra 50 cents.
now, i need to feed hubby his meds & get ready for bed. which includes my exercise time on my new nordic fast track that i'm just loving. maybe by the end of the summer between walking, working & swimming i'll have lost the weight i've gained sitting behind a desk for the last 9 years.
later taters.


ML said...

It does make you feel great when you get some bargains - Unfortunately Im usually the schmuck on the other end of that deal giving my stuff away for next to nothing!

Walker said...

I have said it before and will say it again.
Some people don;t deserve kids.

Sould like you hit a $2.50 yard sale.
I love yard sales and i try to avoid them LOL
I am just running out of room.
Have a nice weekend

Rainex said...

Glad you bagged some bargains-
I got a Versace silk shirt
for £4 the other day! The
very worst is the label inside
says LARGE and I am a UK 8!