Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot Tamale!

hey all! and what have you been up to? i know the calendar says summer just hit last week but its been too hot to sit in the house for very long. we've been playing. the pool has been calling my name most nights. i try not to think about it all day while i'm at work but the minute i start the car up i can hear the water lapping out my name. honestly, i'm pretty sure its all in my head but you just don't understand how hot its been & how good that water feels. something else that i know isn't in my i get closer to home i know the temperature drops about 20 degrees. i guess its all those houses packed together in the city & all those people with their body heat that makes it soooo hot. out in my neck of the woods the breeze can actually blow between the houses & its cooler. my brain doesn't feel like its frying so bad out here. course, it could just be that i'm home & not 30 miles into purgatory.
last weekend was pretty cool with the kids. we didn't get ixxie cos she's staying with her aunt (which is jammers aunt too but they know better than to let her have him over me). honey tells me she's not sure when ix will be home cos she's having just too much fun with her cousin. thats fine with me. you wouldn't believe how the 3 i had got along without ixxie. they played & sang & entertained each other so well. they were actually a pleasure to have. isn't it amazing when the rotten apple is taken away how the smell of the remaining ones gets so much better? i did not just say that! yes, i feel bad for feeling that way but hey...if the smell fits. i've concluded that she's a trouble maker & an instigator. i've tried to ignore this for as long as i could but when you get the 3 little ones together & theres NO FIGHTS ALL WEEKEND you have to give it up. its only taken me 4 years to give up on ixxie but i've finally accepted that i can't help her. if she won't work with me theres nothing i can do to encourage her. she's happiest when she's leading the others down the road to trouble.
i broke down last weekend & bought a new air conditioner. something else i had to accept was the old one just wasn't doing the job anymore.
we got the tomatoes planted too. pretty soon i'll have fresh garden tomatoes. mmm, the best thing is eating them hot, straight off the vine. i can't wait to make some sauces & dips. chili just isn't the same when you make it with fresh tomatoes. and with my new ac it won't be too hot to have chili.
life can be good when you've got no ixxie, fresh tomatoes & a new air conditioner.