Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alien Invasion?

this morning was a very foggy start to the day. the sun hadn't quite come up to burn off the condensation when i left for work & with the rain we've had it caused the heavy dense kind of fog. i turned my lights on when i pulled out. i was hitting about 60 down the 2 lane highway i travel. there wasn't many cars on the road. i noticed following the school bus down the road that a lot of the kids weren't going to school either. i think this kind of day makes you want to pull the covers up over your head & sleep in. it would have been nice, i'm not gonna lie. i thought about it. but my coworker is on vacation & living it up in hawaii right now. i'm the only one in the office & if i skip out things will just pile up & be waiting for me when i get in there. so to not cause myself a more hectic day i tend to make it in more often than not when she's out of the office.
going through the s's along the river was extremely foggy & without too many cars on the road it was a bit creepy. like i was very alone on this stretch of road until i looked in my rearview mirror & saw what looked like an ufo coming up behind me. now it was more than a bit creepy, i actually freaked out. what the fuck was that coming at me like that? what would have all those lights on the front of it & moving that fast? it looked like it was about 4 feet wide & off the ground by about 3 feet & it was fucking moving. i thought back to the news the night before & there was no mention of an invasion & i'd had no word from my homeland to expect this to be a visit but by golly something was coming.
as it whizzed past me in the outside lane my heart slowed a bit. no, i was not being hauled home for some unknown reason & there was no laser fire being shot at me. it turned out to be
this. actually, 2 of them riding side by side & running late for work or something.
sorry its so pixelated but that was the best i could do. you might not be able to tell but there was a total of about 8 lights on each & with the fog they had them all on. not blinking but running full on. just a bit alarming with sleep still in your eyes & fog all around you.
including your brain.


Tammi said...

Ha ha Lindy your so silly!
I KNEW there was a punchline YOU this is me,I felt it coming.Cept' I was thinking more like a helicopter was riding low...I don't know.LOL
But that's too funny.
My site I have now is
hope you can swing by sometime.I think my last post was WOE IS ME bring kleenex(kidding)
Missed hearing from you.Glad we are back in touch.I love swinging by your site.
Take Care lovebug,
ps-added u to my faves....toodles

Walker said...

And you didn't say beam me up officers LOL