Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Matters

sonny built me a deck this past weekend. he's such a good son. i've had the wood to build it for most of the year just waiting for hubby to get around to it but that wasn't happening. i guess sonny finally got tired of waiting too so he showed up early on sunday & it took him about an hour to throw it together. i just wanted something as a platform coming out of the door. about 4 x 4. we still have to put a railing up. but the deck is done. sonny is one of those that can do just about anything he puts his mind to. just to give you an idea i've added a pic of one of his most recent finished jobs. mine he did for free this one he got a bunch of bucks to build. the one you're looking at is actually 3 tiers. he had hired a few guys to help him but they didn't tend to show up so he basically built that sucker by himself. i put it on a business card for him. after he finished my deck jammer walked out on it & put his head to his daddys & said, ' look daddy, i'm as big as you'. as you can see sonny tried to smother the giggle. we all did while he stood there but you would have died laughing at the cackling when he walked away. he was just too cute with all the seriousness of being as big as daddy. there isn't much sonny can do without jammer getting in on if at all possible. that boy does love his daddy. of course, most of sonnys' tools have to be tracked down when he needs them. jammer has a way of not putting anything back when he's done with it. that drives sonny crazy. both with jammer & his papaw. sonny likes to keep his shit in order. i'm sure before its over he'll have jammer trained but i think he's given up on papaw. you can teach an old dog new tricks but that dog has to want to learn that trick.
while i'm at it i thought i'd throw out a couple of shots of the girls too. snookie is getting into the picture taking thing. she's getting to be quite the poser. throwing her hip out there like she's just the shit. well i guess she kinda is. in my world anyway. she puts me in mind of her mother. mojo is kind of showoff too.
ok. guess thats enough for now. i'm ready to post & do some cruisin. i've missed reading blogs but i think i'll try to get back into the swing of things. see ya round.


Walker said...

For a few minutes I thought THAT was the deck he built yopu in an hour.
Hell if it was, I would have flown him up here to build me a house in a week if he had built that deck in an hour.LOL

Fathers and their sons.
Daughters drive me crazy

have a nice weekend