Sunday, October 07, 2007

Smile, Its Candid Camera

sorry blogger buddies but i've been doing alot of things that has kept me off the pc lately. the little bit of time i've spent on the internet has been mostly looking at missing animal sites. except for the odd 'must know what this is' obsession that takes over me. like hubbys' itch. not to mention my pc is soooo slow it drives me crazy. fucking dial up connection. i want fast internet & just can't afford it with my present income. i've found a new way to make more money but you have to have fast internet to do it. they check too. sucks to be me.

not really. its just one of those things that sucks about my life.
i finally got to see jammer this weekend with his new pearly whites in place. last weekend was hubbys mum & dads' anniversary so i couldn't get the kids then. skipping the kids for a weekend is almost something i can't do. i miss them so bad that i overdo it when i do see them. i try to make it up to them by bribing them with treats or toys. just a doting grandma, right? rrriiiiiggghhhhtttt? they've got my number. especially jammer. he'll squeeze me super hard & tell me about a million times how much he missed me & almost have me convinced that its just love until he asks 'what cha got for me?'
so anyway, wanna see his new teeth? this isn't the best pictures but this little piece of crap camera of mine doesn't do a better job. this is before.
he's been without this tooth since he was 2 years old. right after he got his full set of baby teeth as a matter of fact. needless to say he's been pretty used to getting by without it. it never seemed to make any difference to him. people would say, 'oh, you've already lost your first tooth. how did that happen?' he go into the story of how ixxie dropped him knocking it out without blinking an eye. after awhile it kinda even added to his personality. making him look like a tough guy with just alittle more character.
here is a couple of pics with his tooth replaced.

makes a big difference, huh? it still bothers him a little. every now & then you'll catch him pushing on it. he says it hurts but i'm sure thats just because its been a big gapping hole for so long having something there is moving his other teeth around alittle bit.
i'll be back tomorrow. its late now & i have to get ready for bed.
have a great day.


ML said...

I love that last photo - really cool. It amazes me how slow some teeth are compared to how fast others are to fill the void... funny stuff teeth.

Walker said...

He will get used to having the gap filled but it will be harder to spit out peas without being noticed now lol