Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let There Be Light

i found the perfect christmas gift for me. you know how when you're a blind old lady & you're driving down the dark country road on your way home from work when a huge ugly truck pulls up fast on your tail & has bright lights shining right in your eyes? well, look at what i found. i saw this on a truck a few nights ago & i saw it in action. this truck pulled up fast on my ass (i was already doing 50) with his bright lights on. well, on this twisting old country road 50 was fast enough for me so when he started to go around me i just slowed down & let it happen. jerk, this is how innocent people like me wind up dead. there was still a truck in front of him & he wasn't in any hurry to be dead either. he slowed down too. but there wasn't enough room for the two trucks to be side by side so the jerk was stuck behind the truck. only the big truck in front wasn't happy with the jerks bright lights shining in his eyes either. so he flashed these mothers on & damn if the whole world didn't go bright white! i was so tickled i almost peed myself. anyone who had been privy to my conversation with myself would have died laughing. i literally danced in my seat with glee! yes! i want one! i want 2! i want to blind every asshole that blinds me with the bright lights from behind. let me tell you how fast that jerk turned his bright lights off. can you say pfft? it was that fast. yeah man, i can see me with those suckers attached to the rear window & set to hit right in their eyes. yeah, this might get me hit from behind but hey, it won't be my fault. now i have to find something that lets me see when those lights are passing me in groups of 3 or more & i'll be a happy camper.


Walker said...

I used to have those on my car but alas even they couldn;t help me with my eye sight.
Now I am thinking of putting white canes with sensors sticking out from the sides ot the car to taell me when I am off the road LOL