Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Is It Over Yet?

well, i can thank god that i've made it through another holiday season. i might add i didn't punch anyone out. (crazy fucking shoppers) although i did get pretty close when i got stuck behind a woman that just wouldn't get a move on & i motioned that i needed her to hurry along when her husband got snotty with me over 'her not being able to move very fast'. after i apologized for being anxious to GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE STORE he took it that i meant he could be an asshole so i kinda had to put him in his place & let him know that my world only revolved around me. i didn't run anyone off the road. (crazy fucking drivers) and i didn't have to deal with snow. (crazy fucking global warming) i've been off work since last friday & only work 2 days this week before i take off 2 more days. seriously folks, this has been a mini vacation for me & one great holiday season. i don't usually say that so you might want to frame this post. you'll probably never hear it out of me again. the last 2 weeks have cost me a total of about $1200.00 but i'm not complaining. i didn't use a credit card, it was all cash, so its not like i put me in debt. the one thing i love about this time of year is income tax time is right around the corner. the faster i can get them filed the more i love it cos that means more money back in my bank account.
we had a lovely time with nipper & her family with a big ole ham dinner. all the kids are healthy & traveler made it home from california so we all had a nice visit. on our way out we stopped by & wished dad & his woman a merry christmas & made plans to get together with them next weekend with all our aliens. all in all a very good week.
don't forget my bd is next week so if you want to donate to the cause you'll have to buy a bottle of yagermeister & about 2:30 am on the 2nd of january have a great big ole swig to wish me another year of health, wealth & great fortune. thats my plans for the day anyway & i'd love to know all my friends are joining me around the world. even if your not i'll pretend so be ready for that hangover i'll be sharing with you.
so goodbye for the 2007 year & hello to the new 2008 coming in. i probably won't be seeing you beforehand.
and now, on with the show!!!!!

she be done!


Walker said...

It's not over until I pay off the credit cards.
I won;t even tell you what it cost me but I guess I had to make up for 8 lost Christnases.

Very nice tree and decorations.

Have a Happy New year but I will probably be back to say it on the day to :)

ML said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Lindy - I'll prolly forget to come back and say it so I'm saying it now! Hope you have a great one.

Walker said...

See i am back, I hope you have a Happy New Year :)