Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ew Ew That Smell

what the fuck is it? yes, i know it smells like shit, dammit, but what exactly is it? really, theres no shit in my bathroom. we flush the toilet after we use it & everything goes down the hole. where could it be hanging out? i've cleaned out under the sink, inside the closet & all the rug pieces in the room. scrubbed the tub & toilet (actually hubby scrubbed the toilet for me) still that shit smell is there. i actually clean my bathroom once a week & wipe out the sink at least once a day. you know you always have to clean the sink after toothbrushing & hubby trimming his mustache. but hubby scrubbed the inside of the bowl cos the hard water, iron stains had gotten to be so ugly that i couldn't take it anymore. i got my gloves & sandpaper ready to do the job & he was all, 'oh honey, i'll do that for you. you just go to work & make the money. i'll be the house bitch for now'. and of course, i was all okay, great, go to it!

i used to love the smell of my bathroom. all you smelled was soap (that really great smelling vitamin soap make by dial), deodorant, shampoo, conditioner (i love the coconut ones), bed & bath bubble accessories, makeup, perfume & hairspray. the really great smells of a bathroom that when mixed together all smell so clean & inviting. a few weeks ago, all of a sudden like overnight, all you can smell is shit. i don't get it. i've lived here almost 30 years & i've never smelled my bathroom this sssttttiiinnnkkkyyyy!!!! in case you didn't get it that was a crybaby whine. i've stooped to pulling the carpet out of the bathroom just in case its under the damn thing. we've washed all the tank covers & seat covers & ewwwww, it still just smells like shit. although, i have finally accomplished one great task with all my bitching that i'm tired of being the only one that cares about the cleanliness of the bathroom.
i've bitched & moaned for years that i had hung my last roll of toilet paper. i've bitched until i was blue in the face. i've bitched to the point that even jammer will hang a roll of toilet paper now. isn't that great? now i can always walk into my stinky fucking bathroom & see the nice new roll of toilet paper hung on the wall. i am queen of my stinky fucking bathroom.


Walker said...

So what you are telling us is your bathroom stinks.

Maybe its time for a reno of the bathroom and a couple of stick ups.

Sandpaper to clean the toilet?!
Try using CLR, it removes hardwater and calcium build up with a wipe almost.

Walker said...

I stopped in to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas :)