Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And Then

and then the vcr wouldn't come on and then i had to replace the brakes and then, this morning the damn valve stem leaked & my tire went flat. hello! how many people can say they've had a valve stem go bad? and then i had to buy a new tire and then hubby put a plastic bag over the hole in the tank of the toilet to stop it from leaking and then the plastic bag sucked into the toilet & stopped it up and then i had to take the tank off to pull the plastic bag off & then i ripped my face off & pounded my head into the wall cos i couldn't see where i was going anymore. ALWAYS FUCKING SOMETHING!!!
And then i changed cherry's name to demon. THE END

oh, and to make my day even brighter. i looked at my bank account statement & some fucking company has enrolled me in a teeth whitening program that cost me $88.97. like i really need white teeth with no face. oh sure, i want people to see me coming by the really white pretty teeth coming at them in the middle of the red blood tinted area where my face used to be and then i called my bank to ask for info on the company & you know what they could tell me? they didn't know the name of the company & they didn't have a phone number on the company or an address. who needs to steal someones identity when all you have to do is charge their credit card for some unknown reason cos your bank has no clue who's taking your money. wanna pay for your groceries? just key in a credit card number & pretend you know what your doing & the bank has no clue whos charging that debit. their advise was i should receive some product for the charge & then i could return the product to get reimbursed. so, my plan of attack: CRY. and wait for something in the mail. hopefully there is a product to receive. wonder if they'll include a return address?
if you can guess whats gonna happen next, i'll send you my credit card number so you can benefit from the wealth that i don't have. or at least i'll send you a credit card with $20.00 applied. at least i'll have some clue as to what to expect. at this point, it could be anything.
thanks for playing.


Walker said...

That has to be the stupidest thing I have heard.
You didn;t buy it then the bank should stop payment on the item and its their problem if they send it to you not yours.
You need to win the lottery so you can get a new toilet and stop driving the one with no brakes.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell.. that's insane. It's the banks job to protect your money - if its a charge you didn't authorise then they should get their fraud dept on it.