Sunday, July 20, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

you've all heard 'when it rains, it pours'. thats where my life is right now. it never fails. just when i think i've got all the shit taken care of another shit breaks loose. you know the feeling? you fix the transmission & the car shimmies so you put on new bushings, the shimmy doesn't stop but then a motor mount breaks. indubitably because of the shimmy. always something. if one motor mount breaks i'm told i might as well replace all of them cos they're all gonna need it anyway. just always something. the cv boot tears loose & you don't realize that the new cv boot you had put on doesn't hold so the axle wears out. always something. so lets add up what i've put into this car in the last few months. some of these price includes labor added in.
transmission: $600.00
axle: $280.00
bushings: $26.00 x 2
transmission mount: $63.00
side motor mounts $46.00 x 2 = total $1087.00
the work sonny has done for me, of this list, i've given him a total of $300.00. not counting the $20.00 here & there for gas money. always something.
yesterday, we went to do some shopping. the car was fine. we went swimming, the car was fine. we went to move the car from the driveway so the kids could ride their bikes, the car wouldn't start. i called sonny to explain what the car was doing for diagnosis. 'mom, it sounds like the coil pack'. i read in the chiltons & it doesn't say anything about a coil pack. it did talk about a coil relay so i called him back. he says 'theres only 2 things that give your car fire, its either a coil or fuel pump'. always something.
i wait about an hour, i tried to listen as i start the car & the first thing i hear is the fuel pump engaging & the car fires up. i turned it off & tried it again. that time i don't hear the fuel pump. i called him back & gave him these details. 'well, i'll try to get there early so i can check it out but i'm sure its gonna need a fuel pump'. which is in the fuel tank. that i just filled up. it is just always fucking something.
fuel pump: $152.00
sonny: $40.00
grand total: $1579.00
needless to say, i don't have much of a nest egg left. what i did have is quickly depleting. i prayed the whole time he was working on it that it be the fuel pump cos honestly it could have been anything from a brain box to a fuse. and 'when it rains, it pours' is just what it did. although, it wasn't supposed to rain today. it did!! always something. but the good thing is he had it finished just as the sky opened up & poured buckets on us. he drank enough gasoline syphoning the tank out that i thought he was gonna ignite so i was alittle thankful for the rain. he's not as good at that as he used to be. he probably saved me $500.00 doing the work. i owe him big time for this one.
i got his computer up & running for the bushings he put on & got him online for the motor mounts but really, today he saved my cars life. i was gonna put her down. i had a bullet with her name on it & the shit was gonna hit the fan. she's one lucky bitch that she has a brother that loves her.


Anonymous said...

Have you paid more than the car is worth to fix it yet? I always find that's particularly gaulling!

Lindy said...

Nope, not yet. I was just going to buy a new car but decided it would be cheaper to fix the one I had. I'm doubting my intelligence at this point.

Walker said...

The car is practically brand new now by the sound of it.
Cars and car repairs slap you silly when you least expect it.
It's one of the reasons I don't have a car and if I do get one it will be something older than I could fix n my own. The new ones are a pain in the ass and wallet to repair.

It cost Mike 7000 for a used engine for his Jetta at the wreckers. I freaked, he said it was normal.
I say it's insane not normal