Monday, July 07, 2008

Be Warned: This Will Make You Gag

i received another frantic call from honey today. my god when is the stupid shit gonna end? i've always been known as an animal lover. so many of my friends have brought animals to me to nurse, babysit or relocate that its not funny. i've actually babysat for a skunk & a parrot. both were fun & i hated to give them up in the end but when parents come back for their babies its time to give them hugs, promise to visit & let them go. a few years ago my friend sextex brought her brothers dog to me. he had moved into an apartment that didn't allow dogs. this was a young, friendly, slighty overweight chihuahua. i've sworn off adding pets to my house due to ms. m & her tendency to have seizures. she's very jealous. although she's on meds the least little thing can still set her off. well, i had this dog for a total of about 24 hours when sonny showed up & insisted papaw needed this dog. he had just lost his dog to old age. another chihuahua that he called 'old man'. i let sonny take him home to papaw thinking it would be a good safe home for him & he'd probably outlive papaw. maybe i'd get him back in the long run but ms. m seemed ok with him for the little time we had him so maybe she'd adapt. the frantic call today definitely knocked that chance out of the ballpark. seems there are two big dogs that live next door to them & somehow the fucking horse dogs that they are managed to get into the yard & tore this little chihuahua apart. literally. i am so pissed i want to go out there & chew them apart. bit by bit. well, first i'd like to skin them alive. then start pulling them apart. fucking mean dogs. i hate mean dogs.
if they don't shoot those dogs i'll get someone who will. the last thing i want to hear is that one of those crazy ass useless dogs have gotten hold of my grandson & (god forbid) ripped his face off or worse.
they have a vicious dog law but the law won't do anything about it. they act like they have so much to do that they can't get there to investigate. like they have soooo much on their plates!we're talking about a little hick town that has more donut shops than carter has liver pills. yeah they have a lot on their plates. fucking cops need a donut before they can get their fat ass out of the chair. losers.
i have to go puke a few more times.


Walker said...

That's terrible. No one or anything deserves to die like that.
I can understand in the wilds where they do it for food but not between domesticated animals.
That's the owners fault for not keeping their dogs undwer control.
I'm with you, give me the gun and they could bury their dogs along side the owner.
OH and I HATE People whoi stage dog fights.

Ummm I know I was here yesterday and this wasn;t here but the date says July 7. I know I was drunk the other day but i don;t think i was wasted for a whole week.
God I hope not

Lindy said...

Sorry about the delay on posting this. I get waylaid easily. I meant to get back to it sooner but damn, life is a bitch. I've got more to tell so watch for the follow-ups.

Anonymous said...

As horrendous as this is, the dogs were only doing what came naturally and since they hadn't been taught otherwise it's solely the owners fault and they are the ones who ought to be shot. Bastards. This time it was a little dog who got torn apart next time it could be someones little kid.