Sunday, July 06, 2008

Independence Weekend

this weekend we had no kids. being independence day, sonny wanted to take the kids to see fireworks himself. he has a cousin with a big farm that usually gets about a dozen guys to go together & buy as much fireworks as they can afford. then they all bring their families, food, beer, tents & 4 wheelers to have a whole weekend of fun. they started this three years ago & it works for them. at least, nobody gets a dui & they have a great weekend.
hubby & i just enjoyed the weekend together. not doing anything special. we did renew his id, shopped for a new camera, had lucky out for dinner & talked about fixing the bathroom faucet, swimming & what we were gonna do for his birthday.
btw, happy 4th to those that celebrate that. happy canadian day to my friends in canada & the rest of you...just happy day!


Walker said...

Hppy day to you to,I'm just starting to sober up.
If you are going to have a big party thats the way to do it.
Its safe and lots of fun but a quiet day is good to lol

Tammi said...

I left a dad-gum comment....where'd it go?
Anyways...Happy Belated 4th to you as well.
You'll be glad to know I have a new diet regiment.It's called TOO FREAKIN SICK TO THINK ABOUT FOOD.
I found my hipbones by the way! Did I tell you? Thought I'd lost those suckers!lol

Tammi said...

H**** YEA!