Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Beating The Odds

do you remember not too long ago i told you my doctor wanted to put me on not one but 2 medications for a pre-diabetic condition? i begged him to give me some time & let me research the meds a little before he just chose them & let me try to change a few things to, hopefully, not have to go on the meds at all. well, i've researched those meds extensively & i really don't want the added side effects that go with them. not to mention i'm a terrible pill taker. my birth control is a good example & believe me if theres any pill you really want to remember to take its birth control. although, by the end of the month i would usually have more left than gone. fot the most part when i do take a pill i have to gag it down. or up. whichever i can successfully do. anyway, i don't relish the idea of taking 2 pills till the end of my life or till i have to go on insulin. whichever comes first. i've been watching what i eat & trying to get as much exercise as i can & so far i've lost 25 pounds. thats been since july 12. i weighed me last weekend. which is about 7 weeks. if i could lose 25 pounds every 7 weeks for a while i'd be a happy camper. i think my doctor might be too. i don't own a scale so i have to wait till i get somewhere that does to weigh me. i've been checking my blood sugar level since then too. in the beginning i was registering 127, which is only slightly high but enough that he wanted to put me on meds. since then i've been having readings of anywhere between 90 to 127. the last few days its been under 110. i really want to beat this so if you have any ideas for helping me with getting my shit together give me a shout. i could use all the help i can get.


Walker said...

That's fantastic news about the weight loss.
I hope you manage to get it low enough so you won;t have to take the second pill od insulin for that matter.
I know you could do it.

Don't they have a birthcontrol patch now and a six month shot?

Lindy said...

Thanks Walker, & yes they have all kinds of things for birth control. I don't have to worry about all that these days. MenApause has taken care of those days.