Sunday, August 31, 2008

My 'Eye' On Experience!

my last post was about a pitiful story of a dog that suffered a horrible trauma due to a dog toy. my own ms. m was one of the most pitiful stories i've ever heard. which is how i wound up owning her. i don't know if you remember but her owner had thrown rocks at her to make her stay behind while they drove off with their last load of furniture. leaving her to fend for herself. she was 6 months old & the vet couldn't believe she was still alive when i took her in. she had infections in both her vaginal & intestinal tracts. she was malnutrioned & suffered from terrible abuse. she had not been fed anything but what she scavanged from the trash & the fish head & scales that had been left in the yard after the neighbors had been fishing. she had been caught sneaking into a home to find food & kicked out of the door. down a flight of concrete steps then they followed her outside where she had not regained her footing yet & kicked down another 30 concrete steps to the street below. those were just some of the horror stories i had heard but the concrete steps was the last straw. i had been to the house a number of times trying to find out about her when i finally took a round up party with me. we managed to catch her & i talked to the neighbors to make sure all this was true & she was living the hell that i had been hearing. they all agreed that they had basically tried to kill her. you've seen her. she's about 10 pounds & stands about a foot tall. she's no menace!!! she's one of the sweetest most pitiful little dogs you'll ever meet. since i've had her i've tried to make her life as good as possible. as far as i'm concerned, loving an animal is a really easy task. now the only thing that still haunts her is the seizures she has due to head trauma from the fucking 30 steps.
i came home from work on tuesday & my precious dog was there at the door to greet me as usual. when i looked at her i noticed her pupil of her right eye was white. talk about freaking the fuck out. i thought, 'oh my god, is she going blind'? i grabbed her up to love her & the closer i looked the more i freaked! she had something stuck on her eye. i tried to move it but it wasn't going anywhere. i held her head really still & stared at her eye trying to decide just what it was. it looked like a bullseye! it turned out to be a sticker on the pupil of her eye & it was stuck good! i don't know how in the hell she got it stuck there but i sat her on the kitchen counter to figure out what to do next. she was so good & sat there so still. usually if i sit her on the counter for anything she has a fit & refuses to sit still but this time i think she knew she needed to be really still. maybe she was freaking out too because you have to know a sticker in the middle of your eye has to fuck with your vision. maybe she was praying as hard as i was that it was something minor that we could fix really quick. i pulled a paper towel off & tried to swipe it off her eye but that had no effect. hubby was down the hallway & i screamed for him to come help me. i decided to use my finger & try to pick it off. well, that really didn't work the way i thought cos, oh yeah, it moved but right into the corner of her eye. almost into the socket. what happens if something rolls around behind your eye? i wasn't sure but i didn't want to find out. so, i caught the corner of it with my fingernail & (as gently as i could) pulled it back out towards the center of her eye. then i just layed my fingers on her eye & pinched! i got it out & i can't tell you how hard my heart was pounding. i was never so glad to get something in my fingers. i'm beginning to think this poor dog just has a dark cloud. kind of like that character in the flintstones: Badluck Shleprock.
she's fine & loving all the attention she's getting but i don't think my heart will ever be the same. do you know what happens if something like that slips behind your eye? i don't & i'm glad i didn't have to find out.


Walker said...

I don't think it can slip behind the eye but don'5t take my word for it yet.
Let me try it.
Damn I keep blinking.

It makes you wonder if people can be that cruel to an helpless animal, what would they do to you?

I don't care for people like that but I know there are many out there especially those from the old country where they never cared.

There was a kid I worked with who had a pit bull and he said after work he slapped it arfound to show it who the boss was.
I told him he shouldn;t and thats not how you raise a dog.
I think he wanted to make the dog mean and one day he did and didn't show up for work.

The dog was 10 months old but her manage to tear his face apart and bite him all over.
They put the dog down and the kid is scared for life.
Personally they should have put him down and saved the dog.