Thursday, September 25, 2008


thanks to all of you that commented on my last post. some of it was fun. some of it was 'oh, yeah, i forgot to mention i'm doing that'. like parking farther from work & walking the extra distance. i also take my dog for a walk every night when i get home from work. i walk on the treadmill at least half an hour every night as well. i shop at least twice a week & women? they know how to spend some time when it comes to shopping. i can be on my feet walking for hours when it comes to shopping. during the warm days i was swimming for 2 hours a day but now thats gone so i've tried to pick up extra exercise where i can. i got a rope for jumping but i haven't started that yet. i'm almost embarrassed to jump my fat ass in front of my neighors. man, i don't think they deserve that. but then they might get a kick out of watching me black my eyes. you know, the boobs? they tend to bounce vigorously! i'm afraid to jump in my house. it might not stay standing & i know the things inside wouldn't survive. mostly, i was talking about detoxifying my body to, like, preserve it....for eternity or at least the next 80 years. cos thats what i want to live for, you know? have you seen some of the pics of older woman with all that sagging skin? its ugly. this is not what i expect to look like. i want to look good when i walk down the street. or beach. whichever. so, i figure if i start working on preserving me now i can skip the ugly old lady syndrome & just always be the beautiful, young looking, foxy thing that i've always dreamed of being. i've got 80 years to get there. i can do it, right? oh damn, i think i blew that pic up too big. you can't see it as well as i wanted you to. but you get the picture, right?
and while i'm talking about beaches i still have friends without power from ike. hubby went over & helped one plant a telephone pole tonight. when i say 'plant' i literally mean dug a hole, raised the 30 foot pole & set it in the hole. stamping the earth back down around it, watering in the planted pole & more dirt packed on top of that. the energy company still can't get to all the people. some of them have trees that pulled right out of the ground taking with them telephone & electric poles. have you seen any of the pics from the damage done by ike? i found these & thought i'd share with you: this is from the space hubble. one lone house left standing in gilchrist texas.

debri blown ashore in galvaston.

a man clearing a drain in the street.

i've seen some pitiful pics that i just couldn't bring myself to post here. but this is an inkling to the devastation from ike. 12 days later & there are still people without electricity clear up here in ohio so you have to know it was detrimental to the people closer to it. and we still haven't seen any rain. this is all gonna bite us in the ass years down the road still yet. we're still recovering from katrina. some of the people of louisiana aren't in their homes yet & now ike blows through & just creates more havoc. thank god he didn't hit louisiana like katrina did. even still doing some damage in parts of that state. galvaston didn't get hit as hard because of their levee but it was bad enough. i guess haiti lost a lot of lives too. just too much. i don't know how much more those poor people can take. or lose.
i've still trying to reach my friend texas tammi with no luck. i just pray she & her family are all ok.


Walker said...

I wouldn;t try skipping rope.
I trip over me shoe laces.

I saw some pictures of some neighbourhoods that were totally wiped out but a lone house here and there.

Talk about mother nature wanted to evict people.
Makes you wonder why people live along the coastlines with this lurking in t he back of their heads.

Tamara said...

Hey chic-a-dee,
I'm OK,hun.I guess it did look pretty odd for me to hang out in my blog world almost daily,then go missing in action....but here I am!! I'm ok.Awwww.How really sweet of you to be concerned.
Between the D-Board and Driving Mrs Daisy's( bad) I mean,my neighbors,and only getting about 3 minutes online before the next project...I just had to drop off for a bit.
Ohhh L,I seen that one pic of the house that stood alone in our newspaper,and heard on the news that it was the ONLY one that stood.Isn't that so sad.Today I read about a guy that was found dead in the top of a tree line.He called 911 to tell them his truck was washing away and he was gona get out and swim to safety.They JUST now found him in that tree line.Brought tears to my eyes.The death toll is still rising.
Another reason I have been so busy is cuz we've all been working overtime to house all the ppl that don't have lights or even homes.The Fema paperwork,and tax free paperwork and the phones lighting up day n night,'s just been REALLY busy at work.Finding extra time for that board was a b**** too.
Anyways....let me end this book and get the clothes out of the dryer.
Ohhhh dang I wish I had your motivation to take walks....I gotta firm up or forget taking on that extra job I keep trying to talk myself into.LOL

Anonymous said...

We bought a skipping rope too.. Wil tried to kill himself with it around the garden (which I videoed) and then I gave it a serious go in the privacy of my back's so hard! I was out of breath in seconds and I'm fit!lol...

Keep it all up anyway, you're doing the right thing. The weight will come off as long as you persevere.