Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Momma Said

there'd be days like this. my momma said. remember that song? it fit my day perfectly.
i woke up late this morning. quickly threw my clothes on, brushed my teeth & headed out the door. my car wouldn't start. shit. so hubby took the battery charger out & got me started. i pulled out & my tire sounded funny. i stopped & got out to look at the tire. it was flat! shit, fuck! i had a can of fix a flat in the car so i put it in the tire & took off. i was running about 1/2 hour late by now. i stopped by the store & finished filling the tire up with air that cost me 75 cents. by now i was running almost 45 minutes late. that air compressor was the slowest running air compressor i've ever seen. i got about 10 miles down the road & the tire started sounding funny again so i pulled over in the first gas station i came to. the damn tire was flat again. shit, fuck, damn!! i called hubby & he & his dad came to my rescue. they took my tire up to the tire store to have it fixed. it couldn't be fixed so we bought another tire, took it back & put it on my car. i was off again. an hour & a half late but i was going! the day seemed to drag by which isn't surprising when the kids have all gone back to school & most memberships have been bought for the year until october when we start picking up for christmas gifts. i finally got ready to go home but again the car wouldn't start!!!! shit! fuck! damn! son of a bitch!!!! i walked up to the parking attendant & explained the situation to him so he called for the battery charger. i waited about 10 minutes for those guys to show up but instead of a guy it was a girl that brought the charger. she hooked the charger to the bolts on my battery & i tried to turn it over with no luck. i got out of the car & moved the connection to put it all the way on the post & when i lifted the cable the whole thing came away from the battery. the cable wasn't even tight on the battery! no wonder it wasn't starting. so i got a pair of pliers & tightened the cable down & tried the charger again. it fired right up. when i got home i convinced hubby to tighten the cable really good to make sure we didn't go through that again. he wasn't really happy with the job but it was better than having me quit my job. thats where my head was at by then.
so thats how my day went. how about yours?


Walker said...

There are days when the sun shines and shine.
Then there are days when every step lands in a pile of shit.
Where's the fucken sun when you need it.