Thursday, October 02, 2008

Its The Big One

it just amazes me how fast time can fly. it seems like i just posted yet when i look at the date its been 7 days. well, when it comes to blogging the time flies. my work day seems to drag & the time between is never there. this week has felt like a month. its because i'm kind of excited to get to the weekend. i've got lots to do with rearranging, cleaning, winter clothes to swap out, honey do's that honey don't & junk like that. not having the kids this weekend was a sweet unexpected break that gives me some time to get that stuff done. the icing on the cake is hubbys parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, which i should attend cos 50 is a big one, but i can actually skip. i figure they have the rest of the family & especially the new grandbaby so i probably won't be missed. do i feel guilty? well, yeah, but i have so much to do that with hubby out of the house i can get down to & not have anyone under my feet while i do it. what do you think? if you could see my house it would help you make up your mind but its so filthy right now i'm embarrassed to show you. ok, to give you an idea i'll show you one corner of the living room. where all the junk has been piling this week while i do other things around the house. this: i will show you. its enough to make me cringe. that corner is full of so much junk it took 10 minutes to just upload the pic. usually i use the kitchen table as a catchall but of the things in this pic one is a new table for the microwave that wound up getting piled on & another is a new plant stand for the window that hubby went ahead & put together. which also wound up as a catchall for the time being. the kitchen table was spared but now i have 2 things to empty instead of my standard one, bar style, table. don't ever tell me i don't air my dirty laundry!!! my mother is holding her heart at this mess.


Walker said...

House work piles up even when you think you are on top of it.
At least you dont have the kids to occupy you while you deal with that.
Maybe you get some time for a break to

Tammi said...

Git Er' the cable man would
Since your kiddo and hubby free,you can direct your attention to the stuff that's bothering you.Notice I didn't say clean up meses,cuz I have a few corners that "look" like a mess to someone else,but bygolly THAT'S right where "I" want the stuff to be.If someone has a problem w/ it F****-Em,right?lol
I don't know about you,but the way I usually do it,is....if I can ever break free to clean tough areas,I'll get started and get obsessed and won't stop cleaning until it's just the way I want it to be.
Anyways....have fun cleaning...or just shove it all under the bed or couch.hahahaha
many huggggggs!!!
ps--If I were there I'd give you a hand.So thank goodness I'm NOT there!lol (just kidding)