Sunday, February 22, 2009

Total Rewind

i spoke too soon on more issues than just one. for starters it snowed again yesterday. it started about 3:30 in the afternoon. its been snowing off & on every since. i don't know whether to hate mother nature or the groundhog at this point. i think both. it looks like we're in for a week of dustings & cold windy days. if you can believe the weather people.
on the other issue, honey got on the phone with sonnys' lawyer & he started making calls on thursday. i guess on an all day call to the prosecuting attorney he started throwing the words law suit & charges around & got the county worried. after doing some checking they discovered their so called 'dead beat dad' was actually overpaid in his child support. let me tell you they couldn't get him out of their jail fast enough. sonny said they called him to the office & begged him to call for a ride home. honey got there with about 800.00 bucks thinking she was gonna have to do a 10% bond but NO! they let him out on an O.R. meaning he just signed himself out with no money needed. isn't that amazing? wonder how they could have made such a mistake? with the mojo & her friend, who worked in the office of the child support bureau, conniving the way they did i wonder if his payments weren't doctored until they looked a little deeper. of course, sonny being the thorough receipt keeper that he is made for small work of whatever damage those two bitches cooked up. thank god he takes after his mommy & hangs onto things like that.
jammer turned out to have one of the best birthday presents he could have ever wished for. sonny said he jumped 4 feet to his arms when he saw him. jammer called me & was so excited i almost couldn't understand him. we extended his birthday to his birthweek. he got to have a party at school & we had a party here for him this weekend. i dressed up as a clown & served up cake & ice cream. i haven't uploaded the video or pics yet but as soon as i do i'll let you see. everyone laughed when i came out. i don't know if that was because i looked so stupid or it was a great idea. i just know i want jammer to always remember his birthday parties & how much his memaw loves him. i know i'm making impressions that will last the rest of his life. even when i'm gone he'll smile when they talk about his birthdays & maybe his heart will swell a little remembering how much memaw was a part of making those memories. we took him shopping on saturday & let him choose 3 gifts, no holds barred. he also got to choose his own cake & the theme this year. star wars. i remember his daddy choosing a star wars birthday. honestly, its a deja-vu life i have. would you have ever believed that would still be popular this many years later?
so, after all, it turned into a great week for everyone. and my big guy is now 6 years old. getting too big-too fast. i hope y'all had a great week too.


Anonymous said...

What!! Nothing about big guy playing with his Star Wars {patent to Steve } until 2:30 IN THE MORNING ? YES , the smile was worth it . So many other B-Day stories to tell .

Walker said...

That's fantastic news!!!!!!!!!
he should sue tham all and the bitch.
I bet Jammer jumped that high to see his best present.

I kniow there are dead beat dads out there who deserve what they get but there are some mothers who should be shot,
Jail is to good for them.

I have gone throughg ths shit for 17 years and now find myself being a parents and the ex asking me to save her worthless ass from ending up on some park bench
The squirels don't deserve her.

What goes around comes around and one day his Ex will find herself begging for help and all she will find are cold shoulders.

Now I got to go pull a few strings....

Tammi said...

Hey there.
Yup,when u start talking lawsuits,that gets peoples attention fast.
I just lost my roomate.She died at 3:22
cant sit still...thought I'd get on the net to try and think of something else

Tammi said...

Checkin back in....hope all is well on your end,hun

Tammi said...


Tammi said...

It looks like I'm stalking you!! uugh!
Just poppin in to see if u updated...but from what I can see,you care MORE about OTHERS' blogs than your OWN,and that is sooooo sweet.
You really are the coolest,sweetest,person(with the biggest heart)of ANYBODY I know!!!
Thanks for checking in on me.
I just wuv ya to pieces lil missy!
*hug hug*