Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Dance

YEAH!!! i'm alive! i can see earth again. the snow is alll gone & we're getting back to normal around here. we did lose power for awhile. thankfully i'm not one of the unlucky ones that still doesn't have power. all together i think we wound up with 11 inches. i missed a whole week of work & then 5 hours the next week. theres still piles of snow everywhere. dirty, nasty, tall piles of ugly snow. trees, telephone poles & lines are down everywhere. its been the winter from hell and that stupid groundhog saw his shadow again. if you believe that shit.
who's idea was that? pulling a groundhog out of his hole to check if he see's his shadow? how crazy is that? i think the person who thought that up had issues with groundhogs. what the hell could one little groundhog have done to someone to make them go crazy enough to want to drag one out every year & blind him with lights? i'm leaning towards jealousy. plain ole jealousy. groundhogs get to sleep the whole winter away & someone said to themself, 'if i can't be lazy & sleep in to skip winter then that damn groundhog is gonna suffer at least one day with me'. too bad that groundhog didn't eat him up to stop that tradition.
y'all been doing ok? i'm getting ready to cruise my peeps & see whats been going on.
damn, its good to be back!!!!


Walker said...

It will be spring and summer soon adn we will be complaining about the heat LOL
But I am happy the snow is going and you could escape the comfines of your prison