Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing Hard Time

it's time for good weather & i mean now. i need to get out of this house & walk. i need to get vitamin d from the sun & fresh air.
i need to start building my personal time off at work back up. i can't do that with all this nasty shit going on. course, it doesn't help that i don't want to make that hour trip every day either. i want to retire & start my own business. my dream is to buy property & build a huge workspace with work benches all along one wall so i can start a computer repair business. on the other side i want to build a greenhouse so hubby can start a nursery. flowers & computers are the next generation. everyone always wants flowers & there will always be people that are too afraid to open their computers. this is my dream so please don't shoot it down. i've taken into consideration that computers are just getting smarter & i may not be needed but its a dream!
thursday is my grandsons birthday. he'll be 6 years old. i'll be having a party for him this weekend. one that i'm sure we'll always remember as probably the worst birthday he's ever had.
you see, his daddy won't be attending. they have him in holding at the grant county detention facility for child support. they just took his income tax return in july of 08 in the grand total of 10,000.00. yep! you read that right: ten thousand dollars. but thats not enough. see when he found out about the twins they were already 2 1/2 years old. and although they had another mans last name & he had raised them as his own. supporting them while the mojo lived the life of luxury as a stay at home mother the child support bureau decided that sonny should be accountable for them from birth. making his arrearage payment something like 11,000.00 dollars. the guy doesn't have a chance of ever catching this crap up. now they have tacked another 9300.00 dollars onto him. honestly, i don't know how men are expected to make ends meet when they have other children to support. it would be different if this woman had let him know he had these 2 babies & he ignored his part but he was clueless until the warrant was issued to have him take a paternity test. sneaky frekkin woman was happy go lucky as long as someone was supporting her & the kids but as soon as that was cut out she went looking to see who else she could get to support her sorry ass. and thats what this is all about. its not the kids that he's supporting its her. you should see the difference in her from when i first met her till now. she was a mousy brunette with pimples, splotchy skin & floppy t-shirts. now she's flaunting highlited tips in her hair & makeup out the wazzoo wearing designer jeans & christian louboutin shoes! when i was still getting the twins they had torn clothes & no shoes have the time. i know you hear about the mothers being bitched about in every child support case but i feel sorry for these kids. they get dumped onto anyone that will babysit them while she runs around in the bars. hell, if she hadn't been whoring in a bar in the first place she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. raise your hand if you really believe a bar is the best place to find a new father for your children.
i'm thinking of forming a group to fight for the rights of fathers that aren't dead beat dads but still getting screwed by the system. there are differences in every situation & that should be taken into consideration instead of one law fits all. if you're gonna put the dads in jail then they should put them in a work program & make them pay all the money they make into child support. otherwise what are they accomplishing by putting them in jail? its not like they can pay support while they're locked up the way the system is now. its just redundant.
maybe a clown at the party will help. where do i find floppy shoes?


Walker said...

I spent years and alot of money trying to see mine and in teh end she took off when i won.
17 years down the road and after enjoying roughly $250,000 of the states money she threw them out because they wouldn;t give her any more.
So I know how you feel.
What I don;t understand is how is keeping him in jail will pay this?

I hope the Birthday Party is a good one just the same and i hope his ex gets crotch rot.