Saturday, March 20, 2004

hey again, it's saturday & the kids r here. dom is playing with papaw right now. he's getting into everything these days. he has 14 teeth. he showed us this by biting very hard with every one of them & leaving the imprint of each. he can eat just about anything too. except chips. he's not good with chips. and what is his fascination with paper? maybe he'll be a journalist. what do u think? his mommy loves to write poetry & both his daddy & mommy love to draw. he's got the most beautiful smile. he has a gap between his top front teeth (like me & his mom). he loves to climb too. that will come in handy when daddy takes him hunting. there's so many things he has yet to learn. we call him our miracle baby cos daddy was told years ago that he would probably never be able to conceive. and he tried hard not to come out. he was breach u see. so, they had to take him c-section. i have some great pics of his birth. the doctors were all very good about letting me take pics during the entire thing. they even held him up at the end so i could get a pic of all of them with him. when i learn how to use all the options i will post some of them. i'm a picture freak. it's the best way to remember my life. my mind may fail me but my pics will never let me down. ok. i'm off to browse now. more to come as usual.