Monday, March 08, 2004

Just wanted to give an update on my weekend...Friday on my way home from work my tire fell off. OMG. Scared the crap out of me. Thankfully I wasn't far from home & friends were all around me. One went to get hubby while the other stayed with me. I didn't do too much damage & it looks like maybe at work someone is just being mean & destructive. I think I was riding on one lug nut all the way home. Which is about a 40 minute trip. There was another car that had been broken into. Window smashed & everything stolen from inside. I'm wondering if they were stealing tires & maybe got busted???
Thank goodness I didn't have Dom & Sissy in the car. We all went to see hubbys' Mum & Dad for birthdays. We celebrated both together. They just love having Dom & Eleesha. And Uncle Steve is so great with Dom..He needs to be a daddy. Dom did all his usual cute things. And surprisingly didn't try to head butt anyone. He gets in these moods tho. He wants to just be really rough. For example I have him in my arms & he hugs my neck...awww, isn't that sweet but all of a sudden he's got hands full of my hair & Yes he is hugging but he's pulling my hair out at the same time. Then he gives me that sheepish little grin like I'm supposed to understand sometimes he just has to get the meanness out...He learned about buttons this weekend. Now, he yanks your clothes around to see if you have buttons anywhere. And I sing ABC's to him to help him go to sleep. He hums them with me as I go. Guess that's all for now. Oh, yeah one last thing. The car that the tire fell off of was a gift from my sister. So, when that happened I called her just to aggravate. She hasn't called me back. HMMM, deep huh?