Friday, March 26, 2004

i don't have alot of air to share anymore. if i came across someone having trouble i've had the class before so i could help them. i'm sure i would. i did save a little girl once. we were at our local county park swimming. i saw her walking out farther & farther. she was really young like maybe 2 years old. anyway i watched her go under & by the time i got to her she wasn't there anymore. after frantically thrashing around i found her & pulled her up. she was spitting water & drawing breath fast. poor kid was scared to death. her mommy saw what happened & said she couldn't find her. it felt good so, yes i would help anyone that needed it.
been reading a lot of blogs. more & more interesting. i read one the other day that said "he thought the life cycle was all backwards" and described how it should go. i like his way of thinking. young people have a cool outlook sometimes. then i'm thinking how would that work? would we have dead bodies laying around that just comes to life & starts the backwards process? i can see 'dawn of the dead' all over. (which i'd like to add one of my brothers-in-law played a zombie)
my boys r coming to see me today. i can't wait. we talked to dom on the phone last night. he said "papaw" for hubby. he said "hi, what's up" to me. i love keeping him on the weekends. he's so fun.. i might be back today to expand on ixxie & dom. we'll see.