Monday, March 01, 2004

Well, I'm back. It was late tonight but they finally got here. My son is a busy man these days. We didn't wind up going to bed until after 2:30 am. But Dom is here now & mamaw gets to aggravate him. He now knows his nose from his teeth & his ears from his eyes. I've been teaching him these things each weekend. He learns quickly. Oh, yea & I bit his finger. Accidently but I got him pretty hard. I was playing & chomping my teeth at him to get him to show me my teeth. Well, just as I chomped he decided to show me & his finger slid right between the teeth & CHOMP. Now we are learning fingers & toes. I bit his finger & he won't forget that very quick & I pull his toes. He doesn't like the "this little piggy went" game. He keeps curling his toes up so you can't get hold of them. He has a black eye from an encounter with a chair. Man, it's hard growing up. But soon, he'll stop the tottering thing & be able to stand firmly. One step at a time. Till next week.