Wednesday, March 24, 2004

ok i know it's been a while since i've posted anything but i've had a crazy weekend & the week has been pretty close to the same.
conversation with sissy on friday:
gramma can u paint my nails?
sure ixxie. what color do u want? ( ixxie is my nickname for her cos last summer she was determined she had a tick in her ear so i stuck her with ixxie)
i don't care. alma painted them & it's wearing off.
(i choose pink)
ixxie do u know what color that is?
what color is it?
no, that's what its called but there's a name for it. do u know what the name of the color is?
yes, gramma.
what is the name of the color?
no, ixxie do u know ur colors?
yes, gramma.
tell me some of the colors u know.
(at this point i'm getting frustrated.)
ixxie do u know what red looks like? can u show me something red?
(she points to something blue)
no that's blue. what's red? she points at the same thing. ixxie that is blue. (so, i point at the same thing & ask) so what color is this?
no, ixxie. is it red, (shakes her head yes) no ixxie, what color did i just tell u it was? did i say green, red or blue?
oh god i'm gonna lose my mind. this child is a smart kid. she can repeat whole movies & every conversation she's ever heard. why can't she comprehend colors? so we worked all weekend with colors & by sunday she can show me red, yellow, green & blue. but getting her there was like pounding my head against the wall. more to come so hold on. work doesn't appreciate paying me to blog & i've got some cards to check right now.