Friday, July 02, 2004

Best Weekend Ever

Last weekend was absolutely the best i've had since we started keeping the kids. we only had dom which was a blessing in disguise. ixxie went to her aunts house (due to my punishment) but then they decided they wanted to do something that they needed someone to keep dom. that would be me..thank you. teaching dom is so fun. he repeats everything these days. he can tell u his name now. we went visiting with family that he doesn't usually get to visit cos ixxie is just too much. we walked at our state park. he laid back under the pine trees & realized how tall they were & looked back at pappaw & said "wow". i was amazed that he was that observant. but he is pretty smart & that isn't being biased, it's just the truth. he has a toy that a blow motor pushes balls through & up into the air then falls back down into a hole to repeat the process. well, it comes into 3 pieces & the last time instead of bringing it to us he put it back together by himself. actually looked underneath it to line the holes up so they would fit together. kids amaze me with the thinking process. after my great weekend with him i talked daddy into letting my sister (not the one that went to jail) keep him for her birthday. she wound up keeping him until tues. evening before she could bare to part with him. so, mommy & daddy had a nice long break from both kids. then before they went home on tues. i got to see him once again. my sister said he didn't cry once the whole time she had him & she's in love. my brother in law told me to watch out i had competition for the mamaw thing. not gonna happen but i love it that my sister loves him that much too. so, now i'm just waiting for this workday to be over so i can get home & love him up again. cos i'm ready for the weekend....