Tuesday, September 20, 2005

As My World Turns

the great event is past, done, finite, over...countdown now begins for the next huge event that begins in november.
the last few weeks have just been one thing after another. it seems like i haven't had the time to think straight. every now & then you just have to stop & breathe, take it all in, & hit it all over again. my brain is so full that shit is leaking out. hubby tells me something & it takes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for it to sink in. honestly he counts it off, timing me to see how slow on the uptake i've become. then if i don't think about it for a minute & make some kind of immediate plan watch out cos i could lose it. see, leaking out the other side. i think old age has a factor but really, how much knowledge & commands can the human brain take, at once, till it shuts down? as i've gotten older that amount has become noticeably less. of course, these days i have a set of twins, a 2 year old, a cockatiel, a minature shelty & hubby all coming at me at the same time & have to fit all the other, commitments, volunteering, paying bills, running a household.... into my failing mind. getting old sucks.
to top things off, we've been honored with the mouthy queen 'honey' as a housemate. i've told her she doesn't know when to shut her mouth. i told you it was gonna be a lot of trouble down the road. and that agoraphobia shit isn't gonna save her ass forever. with what i've read about agoraphobia you can learn to control your fucking, out of control, over-pschyed brain. and mouth! but she thinks she can act how ever she wants & people are just gonna bow down to her & beg her forgiveness when she cries 'i'm agoraphobic'. well, the high & mighty doth fall. at least in the real world.
and god, what do you do with a story telling little girl that can start sooo much trouble by twisting an innocent accident into a horrendous event?
quick details anyone? if your ready. hold onto your seats cos this all takes place in a matter of about 20 minutes.
just before school lets out for the day, ixxie's teacher discovers a bruise on the side of her face. when asked what happened ixxie tells her 'mommy told me to stay out of the way & i moved from where she told me to stay.' teacher askes, 'what did she do?' ixxie replies, 'she hit me.' teacher, 'what did she hit you with?' ixxie says, 'a board.'
teacher calls child services & they show up at sonny's home.
c.s.. 'we'd like to talk to you.'
honey.. 'i'm agoraphobic & you people need to get out of my yard. no, i won't talk to you.'
c.s.. 'if you don't talk to us we can get the police. you will talk to them.'
honey.. 'well, they better have a warrant to come on my property.'
cops show up within 10 minutes of this conversation & don't even ask to talk to her. they produced a warrant & turned her around, slapped cuffs on her & carted her ass off to jail.
she was given a bond & a court date. charged with assault & child endangerment. for her agoraphobia.. she was kept in lock down, without free use of the phone & no amenities, especially nothing that she could use as a weapon. she had constant supervision & barely any contact with the outside world till her first court date. untill further investigation she has been put on a temporary protection order to stay away from the kids.
all because she couldn't just say she didn't know where the bruise came from. she didn't get up with it that morning & it wasn't there when she left for school. as it turns out the bruise came from a fall at school on the playground. by now, child services has talked with all the parties involved & gotten the real story. in the mean time, the judicial system has to be followed so, the end is not here yet. she still has to go to court & go through the motions that requires.
i keep asking her 'what do you do?' she tells me 'keep my mouth shut'. it only took 3 1/2 years to learn that lesson.
as always i'm afraid to ask 'what next?'


ML said...

Jesus Christ - if she'd just rationally spoken to the CS people all that would have been avoided... and I guess now shes the screaming victim of society? Drop her ass off in a busy town and drive off Lindy.. nothing like facing fears head on.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Believe me theres nothing I'd like better than to just lose this bitch. The only problem is Sonny & Jammer. Right now, it's a package deal.