Saturday, September 24, 2005


ok. the tummy tuck is a dream. but makeup is something i hate to bother with alot. i mean a little mascara & some lipstick is one thing. i don't have a problem with that but when you get into the eye shadow, blush & eyeliner shit i lose interest. not to mention i never really have enough time for all that. coloring my hair is something i kick around all the time. i didn't do anything to my hair, except wash, cut & shake it sometimes, until i turned 43. i've colored it twice since then but my hair isn't really that bad. it's naturally curly & i'm graying slowly. kinda looks like i've streaked it with gray. i'm ok with that. i don't look like i'm pushing 50 but the people i'll be seeing is in the same boat as me. we graduated together, started our lives, our families & are now aging (that sp. doesn't look right) together. i haven't seen some of them in 30 years. i've kept in touch with some & email a few everyday but to see them...i'm nervous.
hubby checked out the menu for the evening & wants to ask someone how many ambulances will be prepped & ready for us. seems its full of fried foods. i'm not worried cos he won't be eating anyway. it's a free wine & beer or cash bar deal. i know he's gonna be hitting the free beer hard & cash bar enough for shots of vodka. he thinks i'm stupid.
the kids are covered for the weekend. i talked sonny into keeping them for a change. i don't care what honey says. she needs to get over herself.
we've rented a motel room so we don't have to worry about designating me as driver as always.
i've got everything packed & i think my butterflies are settled enough that i'm ready to start the weekend.
so i guess theres nothing left except to the reunion.