Thursday, September 08, 2005

Doing Our Part

just a quick note to those of you that have worried about where i am. everything is ok. friends, neighbors, co-workers, family are all chipping in to do what we can. thanks for the concern but i'm far enough away that it hasn't changed my life. just my gas prices. also, thanks for the support. i'm told supplies are coming in from all corners of the globe. just keeping busy so i won't cry. hang in there & pray for those lives devastated by katrina.


Anonymous said...

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Rainex said...

Hey glad you are ok-
terrible what's happened.
Nature for you.
Keep well and don't cry.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Hi all, thanks for checking in. Rainex, I'm almost afaid to ask 'what next'. All the suffering...not just in Katrina's path but seems like the whole world is in a mess.

Rainex said...

Yeah it seems almost
Biblical doesn't it?
But it's a cycle if you
look back in history you
get bad periods in time,
natural disasters, wars
etc. But they pass-things
will get better. Just glad
you are safe.

ML said...

good to see you lindy