Sunday, September 11, 2005


wow, thats all i can think to say. that & damn dude what does it take to make some people get the hell out of a disaster area? i have such mixed emotions about the whole 'new orleans' ordeal. but we've done what we could. we've collected monies, food, clothing & have whole staffs on stand-by. i do love that the whole world has given from the bottom of their hearts. i do hate that some people couldn't have left if they wanted to. i know i'm tired & if anyone asks me to volunteer for one more thing i'm gonna drop. well, of course, after tomorrow. thats the last day i have promised out. but honestly!!! after tomorrow i'm done for awhile.
i don't even get to see the kids tomorrow. its gonna be saturday before i get home from tomorrow. are you following me?
see how things just start snowballing?
thanks to my friends that have been checking on me. i am far enough away from the path of the hurricane that all we got was a good soaking. we also got stuck on one end of town but that was due to a chemical leak in the area that had nothing to do with the hurricane. inconvenient but not devastating by any means. it's nice to know that some people stop by or email me just to ask if i'm ok. i know i wouldn't rot in my home before someone came checking on me in the event of a disaster. thats a good feeling.
my brain has gone into shut down mode for now. i swear i can't think of another thing to say..... except i will never forget todays date. so many people lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in 2001. september is fast becoming a month racked with historic events. god bless their survivors.
well, & maybe zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

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Rainex said...

Hey Lindy-september
is shaping up not to
be good for the USA.
Proud of you!
Oh notice you keep
getting spam, you will
have turn on WORD
Cheeky beggars!

ML said...

ive been waiting to see if Al Queada claim responsibility for the hurricane too. idiots.

well done lindy