Friday, September 23, 2005

One, Two

buckle my shoe
#one. honey is staying with her brother & wife. so we're getting a little reprieve from her highness.
#two. we've had to do the people shuffle to exchange honey & the kids & maintain the law. keeping them away from each other while she goes home for the weekend & the kids come here hasn't been easy. of course, she's no help. she always has an excuse why she can't leave the house yet. either she still has to pack or she needs to take a bath. always something. she's getting on my last nerve. i even went off on her finally. telling her this wasn't about her anymore. this was about the kids & the law & to top it off her disrespecting me & all that i'm trying to do to help. i'm on the verge of calling her all the names that are going through my head. give me strength.
#three. my 30th high school reunion is this weekend. i haven't dyed my hair or gotten that tummy tuck. hell, i have to practise on my makeup even. what am i gonna wear & my shoes!! where are my good shoes?


Rainex said...

You sound stressed
girl! Hope your other
half is giving you some