Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Baby

hey! today is my only baby boys birthday. he's 32 years old. jeez, that makes me sound old, doesn't it? i'm not old....i'm wise....yeah, thats it. wise for my years. i was a baby when i had him. i'm still a baby. no! wait! i'm a babe. a babe with a 32 year old son. damn, i forget to give me credit. doesn't matter it still makes me sound old. can you say 'old fucking fart' nicely?
actually i'm a proud mother of a 32 year old son who has given me 3 beautiful grandkids that i adore & if not for my baby i wouldn't be able to say that. i'd give my life for my offspring. sonny was donned with the nickname 'spud' at birth cos someone said, 'he's no more than a spud tater'. spud stuck & since then he has never been able to lose that nickname. when he graduated high school my family called & said, 'whats his name? i've always just known him as spud.' i can't believe he has kids now. i truly never believed he would bless me with grandbabies. i called him this morning to wish him a happy birthday & he was still in bed. guess he par-teeed too late last night. i don't blame him. life is too short & you should enjoy every second that comes to you.
and i guess you shouldn't have to worry about your mother calling at 2:34am to remind you that at this time 33 years ago she was enduring labor pains to die for giving your precious ass life.
he turned off his phone.
love you, spud. happy birthday.
and thank you for all the wonderful things you've given me in return. giving you life wasn't really all that. i forgot it as soon as they laid you in my arms.


Walker said...

Happy Birthday to your son( i know I am late) I know he has made you happy.
You're not old, I have to be older so there, I have a 34 year old son :)