Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthday Recaps

this weekend has been a rat race trying to pull it all together but its all over now. i'm sitting here sunday night looking around at the wrapping paper, balloons, streamers, toys, cameras, tables, plastic bands & dishes that are left from the party. it turned out very well & i'm glad its over. ms. m made it through without one incident. mr. p stayed hidden. jammer showed his best side & ixxie couldn't let a pic be taken or a toy be opened without being in the center of it. the twins were so worked up with their birthday coming up next that they sat back, took it all in & made plans for what they want. the balloons & streamers are still hanging from the ceiling. the happy birthday banner is half down. hubby & i are both beat to death.
we had them finish the valentines cards before anything else was started this weekend. i was surprised with snooks patience & snarks mess. i drew some clouds, balloons & rainbows on the cards then just turned them loose. snooks took her time & tried to draw a kitty....coloring oh so careful but when i looked back over at snark she was literally scribbling on the front of her card. there was nothing i could even do to help make anything out of it. i drew a big gumball machine around the scribbles & tried to round out the colors. it still looked like a fixed mess though. i kept a better eye on her for the rest of the coloring & gave her little ideas here & there so the inside turned out much better than the outside with my supervision. the twins had a little more work to do with making a card for daddy & honey as well as mommy mojo. but everyone had a great weekend.
jammer made out like a bandit. he got a big ole robot that has all kinds of lights & gadgets & he walks (i'm not even sure what all he does), puzzles, motorcycles, a sword, superman (he vibrates to imitate flying, damn near made me want to play with him, hahaha) a huge racetrack, karaoke kit including a microphone & a foot pedal to simulate cheering, clapping & music. i know theres more but my mind is drawing a blank. we played pin the tale on the donkey. you would die laughing if you could see my donkey. i took pics with my new camera but i'm not sure how to download them onto my pc yet. i haven't played with it that much. if i can, i'll show you the pics as soon as i do. we also played a card match game that was alot of fun to watch them do. the way their little faces worked trying to remember where things were was more fun than anything else. except watching everyone try to cheat on the donkey game.
hey, if you don't get caught its all worth it right? although, most of them got caught on film.
the girls all got to wear their pretty princess dresses & jammer insisted he wanted to wear his spiderman suit.
its back to work for me so i'm gonna get some of this picked up & hit the hay. gotta be ready to put my nose to the grindstone again.
since i haven't been in my email i've received 493 this week. think i'm just gonna delete them & not think about the consequenses. do you think my pc will explode if i don't send those threats on? does it count if i don't know what they say? cross your fingers for me.
k, i'm outta here.


Walker said...

Sounds like the party was a success and the twins know a good thing when they see it it seems LOL