Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Off The Clock

i started my vacation on monday. it was supposed to start snowing by 8 pm. you know the weathermen know that its coming but they can never be certain just when it will hit. it did hit finally around midnight & has been bouncing between rain, icy rain & snow since. a total mess for driving. we had new tires put on saturday to prepare for this. you all know how bad i hate to drive in the snow. hopefully, new tires will decrease my fear of that. simply because having more control will make me less likely to wreck. that was one of my priorities for income tax money. another priority is glasses. the last time i took my eye test for drivers license i had a tough time making out the letters. i stopped by an optomitrist outlet & tested a few weeks ago. the lady said, 'oh yeah, you will need glasses before you test for your drivers license again, they insist you be able to read the 5th line down.' i couldn't even make hers out. hubby says they are in the business of selling glasses so theirs would be tougher but glasses are still on my list.
this weekend i'm planning a birthday party for jammer. he'll be 4 whole years old. man, has the years flown by. i wake up with him next to me & still remember the day i welcomed him into the world like it was yesterday. i keep reminding him that he used to lay on the cushion between me & papaw on just one cushion. he stretches across 2 cushions now. his foot is like an inch & a half of being as long as mine. not near as wide but in length it won't be long. he measures his hand to mine all the time & i can't believe how close it is. 1 more knuckle & the end of my finger, he'll have me beat. mommy shaved his beautiful curly locks off again so he's bald right now (poor baby, its below 0 out there) & his eyes are still that bright, light blue. he's just growing up way too fast for me. i know i talk about him way more than i do the girls & i know thats kinda biased but its hard to not be more attached to him. afterall i've been a part of his life since before he was borned. i was there the minute he came out. the doctor held him up for me even after they fussed that they didn't like photography during birth, specifically requesting no flash. i took the pic of the first glimpse of him coming out when all you could tell was it was a foot. the first pic before he was even wiped off still being held in the doctors hands. i've brought him home every weekend since he turned 5 months old & kept him from friday till sunday when mommy & daddy would come & pick him up. i've spent every weekend with him minus 4 since he was born. he's a huge part of my happy life. theres nothing that makes my day like his little hands holding my face giving me kisses & telling me he loves me tooooo much.
ok, i'm getting sappy. i'll stop with that now.
except to wish you all a happy valentines day. thats why i even signed on tonight. have lots of chocolate & cherries. hold your special other close & always treasure the sex treat you get for holidays.


Etoile Tyler said...

Lindy, I hope YOU had a good Valentine's Day. More than almost anyone I know, you deserved it.

By the way, I didn't like the new Blogger either. It drove me crazy the first few times I used it. Somehow it's gotten better though.

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

Etoile, I'm getting better with blogger the more I use it. At first I couldn't figure out how to read the blog in a separate window but then I noticed the little double windows right next to 'view blog'. I'm sure its a matter of simply paying attention. My V-Day was filled with great food & no new aggravation. Guess I can't ask for more than that. Thanks for the thought.