Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Day From Hell

wow, can the weather get any weirder? it poured down all kinds of buckets of rain yesterday that simply shut everything down. on my way home last night the creek was running even with the road. a little cause for concern knowing the huge hill i live on. i expected the creek to cover the road & figured the road would be closed. i hit the floor early expecting to get a jump on my day. NOT! says the battery in the car. it was deader than a doornail. hubby usually starts the car & when he came in saying it wouldn't turn over i was afraid of just what the problem might be. it could be frozen with the zero degree temperatures outside & all that rain from yesterday. it could be the alternator, starter, cellonoid, or maybe all the crude that had gathered on the cables. his parents had given him AAA for his birthday so instead of trying to figure it out for ourselves i suggested we call them for a jump & diagnostic. just my luck they sent a flatbed tow truck company instead of the van i expected with all their special tools. needless to say it did us no good except to jump start the car. i finally got on the road only to turn on the lights & have the car do some jolt thing like i've never had happen before. after another jump i headed straight to the auto parts store. i know they do free diagnostics there & they have the equiptment on hand. thank god it turned out that it was just a dead battery. 50 bucks later & 3 hours late for work at least the road had warmed up & i didn't have to worry about the ice on the road or driving on the creek. finally got to work, i signed into my computer & started answering some emails when all of a sudden i got a message that my computer was signing me off. huh? why? no! i did nothing! 2 & 1/2 hours later & several calls to the IT department i finally got back in. in the meantime i worked the help desk just for something to do. in the middle of printing a card that pc froze with an hour glass & refused to do another thing. fine, i moved to another pc. third times a charm right? nope, no money to work with in that one. i'm batting 0 for 0 at this point. shut it all down manually & guess what? i can't sign in again. damn, i had been so glad to finally get to work & nothing was getting any better. i took a walk outside, kicked a few squirrels, took a deep breath & started again. things finally got better but what a start to a day! btw, no squirrels were actually hurt. i just felt like kicking something.
did i mention that my step dad had a pace maker put in on tuesday? turns out he only has 20% of his heart working. they say the rest is dead. on top of that he has peritonitis, diabetes, high blood pressure & his heart started skipping beats. it went well, he's home & healing nicely. sonny is watching after him. he's a good grandson, don't you think? i don't know too many grandkids that would look after their papaw like that. my life is certainly too busy to take care of him. hell, what am i saying? i can barely take care of myself. i can only hope that when i get old & delapidated someone loves me that much.
well, just wanted to chime in for the day.
talk at you,


Walker said...

I tyhink the begining of your post says it all.
When it rains it pours.
Its always seems that trouble like to pile it on all at once and usually when you dont need any more stress.

You have a good boy there willing to step up and help out.
Have a nice day

Walker said...

Hi Lindy

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