Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blues Blahs Booms

can someone please tell me if blogger beta is supposed to be this aggravating? how do i get a dashboard displayed in my blog or how the hell do you get back to the dashboard when you read the blog first? right now, i click on customize then on dashboard to go back to edit my post or create anew post. or using the back button gets me there but i really liked it better when the dashboard choice was shown in my blog. also, i made the mistake of using the same gmail account for my other blog, too. but then i didn't realize that your profile would be shared when you signed up for the beta blogger. i really wish i'd known that first. i'd have kept this in the old blogger until that was changed or used a new gmail account. lately, i haven't been around partly due to the pain in the ass blogger has become since i changed to the new blogger & partly because i get even more aggravated everytime i see the same pic & profile on both of my blogs. i use this blog as my hook up & chat blog, my everyday blog. the other one i mostly don't even publish the posts cos its like a private diary. my deepest & darkest thoughts. if you read it you might cross the street when you saw me coming. anyway, i worked really hard making it what i wanted then with one swoop blogger changed it all. woe is me, huh? what a whiny little bitch i've become.
i think too i might be affected by the winter blues. as much as i hate the snow i hate the way everything slows down. i put in for a vacation week from work to avoid even living in the worst week of weather coming. we're looking at major winter storms coming our way. the last i heard before i shot the tv (of course, aiming for the stupid weatherman) was up to 18 inches before it was all over. uugghhh! wheres my boots & blow dryer? i'll fight every snow drop falling. die bastards, die! actually, snow flakes are pretty & i don't want to kill them off. how can something so beautiful be associated with such hateful weather.
the kids & i have been working on valentines cards for mommy & daddy. they are turning out so cute. i started with a glossy paper about 26 x 20 & folded it in half. i cut a heart shape in the center of the front page & i pasted a pic of each in the heart. i cut about 36 red felt hearts in varying sizes & split them between the 4 kids. i also cut out little i's & u's for the i love you part. i figured they could use the heart for the love word. next, i'm turning them loose with markers & the heart shaped felt pieces i cut out for them. jammer & ixxie worked on theirs all weekend last week & finished before they left on sunday. this weekend i have the twins coming & i can't wait to see what they do with theirs. jammer colored little circles in a question mark around his pic then i helped him put little squiggles all over the front. he wanted to write mommy & daddy & happy valentines day on the inside of the front then paste the i (heart) u on the opposite page with a (heart), jammer. plus hearts all over the 2 pages. ixxie drew clouds & a sun on the front around her pic & colored them all different colors. she pasted all the hearts on the opposite inside & signed her entire name on the bottom. she didn't need any help, she's a big girl. i know the twins & how independent they are so i won't be doing much with theirs. i'm excited to see their individual artistic side at work.
well, better go now. i'm running out of yada, yada.


Walker said...

Yes it can be a pain. I find the easiest way is to click on the Blogger tab in the sidebar and go from there.
If you have a problem just send me a email or leave me a commenton my site.
I have had every problems so far and either fixed it or found a way around it.

Happy Valentines day

ML said...

Lindy I haven't the slightest clue what youre talking about Blogger. Even though I upgraded its the same as it always has been for me to blog. Curious to know what youre doing!

C was at an out of school club today and came home after spending the day with a pair of boy twins who apparently are a bit mischevious. He nick named them 'The Tweevils' (twin + evil) - I thought that was cute.

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

Walker, I will probably be emailing you to find out how to fix the profile & pic in my 2nd blog.
ML, C has just gotten too cute with his little personality. I loved his 'web & punch' too. He's a quick thinker, huh.

Rainex said...

I'm scared now Lindy!
As I am changing today!