Monday, March 05, 2007

Meetings Among Friends

we went to do some grocery shopping at krogers & i ran into an old friend that i haven't seen for about 6 months. i've probably known her for 25 years. we used to run the bars together & have a blast teasing all the guys when we played pool. she'd lost a lot of weight & changed her hairstyle. when we were younger we always talked about the boob job & liposuction we were gonna have. i hugged her when i saw her & commented on how cute her new do was & how much weight she'd lost. she teared up alittle & she said, 'i haven't seen you in awhile. things have been a little tough for me lately.' that didn't sound good. i knew something bad was up when she lifted the wig.
she started her story with the lump she found in her breast back in 2004. i knew this part of the story. we had all celebrated at that time when they removed it & said it was benign. for the last few years she'd been going to the doctor pretty regularly for her checkups. this past september they found another lump. only this time she wasn't so lucky. it was malignant & she had to make a decision. they wanted to cut it all out but they didn't even know what all meant until they actually opened her up.
turned out, lindy, that 'all' meant the entire boob. then they put this port thingy in for my radiation treatments. here, as she pointed to a raised spot in her shirt, can you see it?
i shook my head yes, i could definitely see it.
feel this thing. its so weird.
we were standing in the middle of krogers & the last thing i wanted to do was touch the thing. you know how you get the craziest memories when you least expect them? i remembered a game my sisters & i played back when we were kids. we'd pull out the christmas catalog from penny's & as we flipped through the toys if we touched the picture that meant it was ours. it was a fun game & i've even begun playing it with my grandkids. only difference is i'm playing the game so they have a better chance of getting the toy they touch.
as i touched the port i tried my damndest to push that game out of my mind. by now i had tears in my eyes & i tried to focus to see where to touch.
i said honey, you can't hardly see it & look at it this way. when its all over you can have those perfect titties you always wanted.
you still gonna help me choose them?
don't you think stevie may want that priveledge now?
yeah, i guess. but do you know how hard it is to talk to stevie about boobies?
whatever, just tell him to picture him wrapping his mouth big ole mouth around them & see which ones he thinks is his perfect mouthfull.
we giggled some & wiped the tears from each others eyes, talked a little more about how we needed to get together more often & how much we missed the times we spent together. we made promises that we would keep in touch better & not let life run away with us.
when this is all over i'm gonna need to go shopping. i don't have an ass anymore & i need all new clothes.
that sounds good to me. we'll make plans to go shopping for you. hell, if you want we can get you a prosthetic ass.
they don't really make those things.
sure they do. you can choose your booty just like your boobs.
oh god, lindy, remember way back when we talked about getting all that cosmetic surgery done? i never dreamed this would be why i would need it.
don't worry becks. it'll be alright. you know we're all here for you. we'll all pray for you & you always have believed in miracles. just don't give up.
i'm gonna beat this?
you're gonna BEAT this. keep your faith & be positive. we've got some shopping to do.
i love you, lindy. you always made me feel better about things.
i love you too, becks. call me if you need me.
its amazing what little it takes sometimes to make a person feel better about something bad. i'm glad i ran into her. i hope we have lots more years of running into each other.


ML said...

You're just who I'd want to run into if things had been shitty in my life. You know just what to say.

Walker said...

You are a true friend.
I think what you said to her gave her a possitive perspective on the future.

Have a nice Day :)

Anonymous said...

You had the perfect answer.

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