Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Incident

major mishap this weekend. jammer fell off his bike. he didn't hurt himself but the way the kids all acted you'd think he about killed himself.
ixxie came in screaming first, he fell! he fell!
is he ok? i went out the door. he was standing at the bottom of the steps with a few other kids. they were all trying to see where he hit. at the same time. one was pulling on his arm, another searching through his head & the 3rd was trying to look at his forehead.
are you ok, baby? where'd you hit?
i'm fine memaw. i fell off my bike & now i thnk my head is in my brain
whats in your eyebrow?
as i reached the bottom of the steps to hug him.
pro' ly boogers.
ixxie came out & patted him on the shoulder, bubba gonna be alright?
bubba? that sounds like a redneck for sure. where'd that come from?
mommy likes to call him bubba.
but his nickname has been jammer for 4 years now. don't you think we should leave it like that.
mommy doesn't want to cos she didn't think of it.
ahhh, what next?


Walker said...

Ouch !!!!!!!

I remember the first time I wiped out. I think my pride hurt more than my body even though I was bleeding all over the place.
I hope Bubba Jammer gets back on there and keeps on getting up from his spills.

Have a nice day

Walker said...

Its been a while I hope all is well with you :)