Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just Do It

does anybody out there watch 'prison break' or '24'? in my area they're on monday nights back to back. omg! by the end of the night i'm ready for my heart to explode! poor brothers from 'pb' can't seem to get a break. around every corner is another disappointment. just when i think they may be getting somewhere they get slapped in the face with another 'sorry, this ain't looking good for you guys'. i was soooo excited last week when they finally got a good guy that could spread the conversation on the tape they had acquired that proved lincoln didn't kill the presidents brother when 'wait, this can't be authenticated'. damn, i knew it was too good. course, thats why the show keeps going on but the end has got to come. you know, lots of people wind up in prison that are really innocent. especially when they are stars on a weekly television show. does anybody remember 'the hulk' or the fugitive? same story just better looking men. and the brothers have both their arms. although, one of the guys, teddy, that escaped with them cut off his own hand to get out of a pair of handcuffs. that was a sick turn of events i just couldn't imagine. i hate teddy even though they are trying to give him a little bit of a sensitive side now. i don't know whether to feel sorry for sucre or decide he's getting what he deserves. i do feel sorry for his little girlfriend. just like a stupid woman to expect the man to always come through for her. franklin has a little girl with a kidney condition & had no choice but to turn himself in to save her life. i understand that situation cos i'd have to do the same thing but i really hate to see him have to hang himself over the whole thing. i'm sure in the end the bad guy can't win but they sure are making it look good for him. he's definitely killing them off one by one.
and on 24, how amazing is jack bauer? is there anything he can't do? i mean, around my house when its something i want tackled i suggest hubby pretends to be jack & just do it. nike doesn't deserve the slogan like jack does. if i had to deal with just one of his days i'd kill myself. i mean minute after minute he deals with one catastrophe after another. i want to take him home & protect him. i want to run hot tubs for him & rub arbonne healing lotions on his pitiful little burned hand. who knew that keifer sutherland would grow up to be such a tough guy?
thats just on monday. its a wonder i can even get through the rest of the week & i don't have anything like jack or michael have going on. imagine a nuke blows up, the feds are chasing me, i get my girlfriend arrested, my wife killed & my kids mixed up in the whole fiasco, not to mention my associates dropping like flies all around me while i do everything i can to avoid prison or bullets & i'd be done for. rip my lips off & sew my mouth up without anesthia. i'd deserve it. except i'd do it with ladylike precision & lots of pretty outfits. hopefully, you'd watch me every week as faithfully as i watch these guys. you could be my guest stars & help me write the episodes.
come on, its possible. think about it. jlo made money acting, why can't we?


Anonymous said...

Lindy Is this about you!?? ☆★☆

Walker said...

I remember the fugative and the hulk both were creative to watch.
I have watched 24 and to think all of that happens in 24 hours is mind boggaling but I bet there are some people living like that we never hear of, which is scary in itself.
The new shows on tv are amazing with the csis and Laew and orders.
I wouldn;t be surprised if some of the writers were ex cons are criminal minds that write instead of break the law.
Makes you wonder how they come up with all of this stuff.

Have a nice weekend :)

Leesa said...

I saw your note about voting. So to fix the problem (for your vote at least), I cast a vote for the person you wanted and it recorded it. Since I am not voting on any of the competitions, I figured the vote I cast was really your vote.

Leesa said...

And, by the way, the voting in that race is extremely tight. Wow!