Tuesday, March 20, 2007


blogger hates me. thats the only thing i can attribute the last 10 days absence to. i've actually signed in 2 times over the last 10 days & both times before i could post blogger froze on me. make that 3, this time it froze & gave me a 'this program is busy or has become unstable' message. thats not good. it only happens when i sign into blogger but it happens everytime i sign in. i wind up having to shut my pc down by just turning it off. waiting never makes a difference.
i've also been working on a pc for sonny. he's got an old 466 etower that he wanted to sell but he didn't even know how to get into it. turned out when i turned it on there wasn't even an operating system on it. i opened it in dos & asked for a directory but i got nothing. duh, no wonder he couldn't get into it. i guess when he bought it from his buddy he must have emptied it first. anyway, i put windows on it for him & a virus program. i also downloaded a juno program on it cos they give you 10 hours a month free internet. something to at least get someone started.
sonny has been having a tough time of it. building isn't going so hot right now & his boss has had health issues & hasn't been working him much lately. with hubby out of work i can't help him alot. i'm just barely making my ends meet these days. i'm looking at taking on a second job just to pay my bills. i would love to start up my own business. something with computers would be great for me. i just don't have the space to make it work. i turned my extra room into a play room for the kids.
hubby has been doing surveys online but has yet to make any money at that. since his seizures started he can't drive so unless he works somewhere on my way to work he has no transportation. we don't live on a bus line so thats out. i need to check into the cart system they have. its a small bus that picks people up & takes them places but thats all i know about it right now. i've suggested hubby try to retire & get his social security started. i'm out of ideas & thats a last resort.
how do people make money from home? i'd love to know the secret to making it work. you hear all these people on advertisements talking about how they do it & make thousands of dollars but you have to pay for the cd on getting started & then you aren't guarenteed it will work for you. right now i can't even splurge for the cd. just feeding us is an ordeal.
i guess i better get off here before i lose my post. you just don't know how aggravating its been to write a whole post just to have blogger freeze & lose it.
later gaters.


Walker said...

BAD BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!
They have been still messing with it lately.

Sorry to hear about your troubles.
I don;t work either I am on disability but my house is paid off so thats a bonus.

I am in the computer field and with all the computer businesses around they are barely surviving so what I do is repair computers at home for cash and a third of the money others charge for labor.
Tine is free for me and I'm not doing anything with that time so it doesn't matter how much time i spend on a unit.
I am also a network specialist and set up networks for small businesses for cash again that way i dont have to show it.
I converted part of the basement into a workshop.

ML said...

Lindy - I had a lot of problems while using the internet and I got rid of them when I stopped using Internet Explorer - it really is a shit program. Try downloading Firefox - it works a lot better for me. If youre already using it then ignore that :-)

ALso - something that might help. Write your post in notepad first, then copy and paste it into the blogger browser and submit it. Never lose another post again doing it that way and it cuts down on the amount of time youre in the browser/on blogger.