Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sharing Memories

clap, clap. clap on! like the light fixture. clap, clap off. clap on, clap off! the clapper! do you remember the commercials? one of the funniest things i ever saw was rachel (a friends daughter) looking at her brother & clapping her hands at him. as she clapped her hands she said, 'brain on'. i busted a gut laughing at her. whatever made me remember that is beyond me but all of a sudden it sprang to mind. well, maybe i do know what brought it to mind. my friend, we'll call her belle, has moved her family back to florida. belle has been calling me trying to get me in on the ground floor of some money making scheme that she's involved in. she assures me that its the future of the internet. its something about tranferring clients pictures to an online slide show for them & eveytime they access the web page you've set up for them you get paid some kind of commission. in her own words, it only costs $250.00 to get started & you won't have to work for someone else ever again. of course she guarantees me that i'll make lots of money cos i have this personality that this kind of work takes & i'm a go-getter. she's actually how i wound up working at the company i work for now. when i met her & her husband they were customers of mine at a major convenient store i was in training to manage. she kept telling me how i would be so good at her company & i needed to be appreciated more than i was there. she'd remind me how i was at a no end job & would never make a lot of money. how i needed to move up in the world. to get my foot in the door at her company i actually worked 2 jobs for a few months. till they had an opening for me. it didn't take long for them to find my niche cos she was in the process of making her florida move & i would be replacing her in the office. that was 8 years & 2 months ago & i still hold the same position that i hired in at. not much moving up, huh? now that i've been there for awhile i realize there really isn't too much room for moving up especially at my age. i don't think the people over me will be going anywhere soon & the only way to move up is to replace someone else. funny how life works like that in the corporate world. oh well, c'est la vive.
did anyone get to see the eclipse of the moon tonight? we went out looking for it but it was too cloudy to see anything in the sky. we didn't get the kids this weekend. (i know aren't you shocked?) hubby called sonny to alert him to be sure to take the kids out to watch it. the last time i talked to him it was cloudy there too. i haven't been back in touch with him to know if they ever got to see it or not. when we called to tell him about it he reminded me of the one we sat up to watch. it was happening at something like midnight & we took a cooler with drinks, music box & bean bags out to watch for it so we wouldn't miss a second of the whole thing. i took pictures of all the people that had joined us to make a party of the whole night. i also got pictures of the eclipse itself. he said 'mom, that was one of the coolest nights & i still remember everything about it. its one of my best memories of growing up cos i got to share that with you. thanks for letting me know so i can share it with my kids.' i never knew that was that big of a deal with him until now. but thats why i am such a picture freak. i'll always have those memories cos i captured them as kodak moments. sometime this week i want to pull out that album & look back on that night. it was alot of fun.
has anybody noticed that winter is still hanging on? i thought if punxsutawney phil didn't see his shadow spring would be here sooner. i don't think that damn groundhog knows what he's talking about. i've always had a sneaking suspicion but now i'm convinced. we just had snow again & i don't think its gotten above freezing more than a few days since he predicted winter to be over.
i have to hang it up for tonight. its getting late & i'm tired. not as spunky as i used to be & 1:30 in the morning is about as long as i can make it these days. till the next time.


ML said...

I saw the eclipse over here.. purely by accident really as I leant out the door with a bag of rubbish for the bin. I looked up at what had previously been a big full moon, now 3/4 covered. Looked really cool